5x on Why Filmzie Will Become Your New Movie Family

Streaming & social platform Filmzie is launching soon with a bold plan: let the movie makers connect with their audience and together, establish a movie community they want and need. We will build them a blockchain-powered world where that’s actually possible. What will it look like?

1. You will shape what Filmzie will become

We think it’s about damn time to eliminate some of the constraints that dictate which movies will be seen. It’s rather simple: we will provide the creators with a “playground” where they can showcase their films and sell them however they please. Afterwards, it’s time for the audience to play.

Once you register and start exploring, rating and recommending, you will lay one of the foundations that will determine what a film worth watching is. Ultimately, equipped with the freedom we’ll give you, only you can “finish” what we started.

2. You will meet good films

We don’t invite you just to watch them; we urge you to meet them. We can’t stress this enough: movies are supposed to be felt, analyzed, rethought, adored or hated: and most of all, talked about with other Filmzies.

3. You will meet cool people, too!

Filmzie users are not a faceless crowd that feeds some statistics. You actually get to talk to them, be it a friend, a stranger from another continent with a great taste or the director of your favorite movie.

4. You will help independent cinema

The transparent way Filmzie operates means a tremendous opportunity especially for independent movie makers. Films that only screened on a festival halfway across the world? Alternative, provocative, niche, or merely different? All of these can find its place on Filmzie. If you discover it and write about it, you may broaden horizons of many others.

5. You might work your way up to the top

Since it will be the honest Filmzies’ opinions that matter the most, those who can write insightful reviews and crack the movie’s hidden messages will get recognition as influencers. We want you by our side, co-creating Filmzie ?

Start your Filmzie journey right here!

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