I put together five movie releases this May 2024 with YouTube trailers from the official studios. (Image courtesy of Iftikhar Alam on Vecteezy)

A small selection of movies is due for release during May 2024, and we’ve lined up a decent mix of thriller/horror, kids’ movies, and those that touch your heart for those of you who like to get a box of tissues out for a heartfelt storyline. As usual, we have given you the official trailers for as many of these movies as possible so you can get an inside look to see if it’s worth visiting your local movie theatre or for the movie to appear on a streaming channel or Blu-ray.

The Strangers Chapter 1

Official Trailer from Lionsgate Movies YouTube Channel @LionsgateMovies

The Strangers Chapter 1 is an American horror movie and part of a trilogy. It is the story of a young couple, played by Madelaine Petsch, and her husband-to-be, played by Froy Gutierrez. They are moving to start a new life in the Pacific Northwest of America. As the couple drive to their new home, their car breaks down as they make their way through a small town. They need to find somewhere to stay the night until they can get the car repaired in the morning. The only accommodation they can find is a small cabin, which is not ideal, but it must be done.

They settle in for the night, intent on making the best of a bad situation. Little did the pair know it would be much worse than they thought. Suddenly, three masked men appear, and they terrorize the couple for no apparent reason. How will they survive the night in this horrific and life-threatening situation?


Official Trailer from Angel Studios YouTube Channel @AngelStudiosInc

This movie is the true story of Doctor Ming Wang, who is a Chinese immigrant living in America. Sight stars Greg Kinnear and Terry Chen. Ming has had a tough upbringing back in China. He hopes the determination he has developed throughout his childhood will assist him to climb to the very top in his chosen career and become the worlds most renowned eye surgeon.

He takes on the seemingly impossible mission of restoring the sight of a young blind orphan. As he embarks on this task, he recalls some of the difficulties he has gone through in the past, which makes him believe that maybe he can only get so far with his task.

Will he succeed? A fascinating story and one I thoroughly enjoyed watching with my son!


Official Trailer from Paramount Pictures YouTube Channel @paramountpictures

It is a movie full to the brim with many incredible characters. It is the story of a young girl named Bea who has suffered with some difficulties and develops the ability to see other people’s imaginary friends or IFs for short. As you can imagine, these friends are a potentially endless array of wonderful and surprising individuals. This movie portrays the power of a child’s imagination very well.

She embarks on an adventure to reunite these IFs, mostly forgotten and abandoned, with the children they helped back in time.

Incredible as it may be, she then discovers that the man who lives upstairs has exactly the same amazing superpower that she has. A truly enjoyable movie.

The Garfield Movie

Official Trailer from Sony Pictures Entertainment YouTube Channel @sonypictures

We all know the cartoon character Garfield, but if anyone out there has not encountered him, he is a lazy fat orange cat who sleeps a lot of the time. He strangely loves lasagna and, for some reason, hates Mondays. Jon Arbuckle took in Garfield when he was a kitten. He also decides to purchase a friendly dog named Odie to accompany Garfield.

This new movie centres around Garfield reuniting with his long-lost father, Vic, a scruffy and street-wise stray cat. Vic persuades the pair to abandon their comfortable, pampered lifestyle and join him in a heist. It sounds like there could be trouble ahead.

Be prepared for some hilarious escapades. Another one I sat down with my son and watched in the VIP seats of our local movie theater as it took one of the prime studios in the venue.

My Ex-Friends’ Wedding

There is no official trailer available at the time of writing this review.

This new comedy movie stars Ariana DeBose, Chloe Fineman, Amanda Seyfried and Megan Stalter as four best friends who have been together since childhood. They receive a drunken voicemail message from a previous friend of theirs on the eve of her wedding day. She tells the girls that she now believes she is making the biggest mistake of her life by getting married. The four decide they must help her and embark on a mission to stop her from getting married.

The movie was delayed due to the Hollywood strike but it is now being released and we believe it was worth the wait. Many comic situations occur during their mission to help their former friend and re-kindle the friendship with her.

What Else Is Coming Out in 2024

There are still some more blockbusters coming out in 2024 that I particularly like the look of. Although, so far this year, my favourite has already passed – that was the 9-episode series of Masters of the Air on AppleTV. What a great WWII film that was to join the likes of Band of Brothers and The Pacific. However, those are just personal favourites of mine. Obviusly we all have different tastes in movies, and so my suggestion is to head over to the 2024 FILM PREVIEW I published on January 21, 2024. You can also backtrack through some of our older posts for movies released in March and April 2024. Happy hunting and happy viewing!

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