Murder mysteries and revelations, shocking stories, and the cold war. Plus, some home truths about what we eat – check out these docuseries. (Photo by Vlada Karpovich on

Check out these five we have chosen from the most recent releases of documentaries. Sometimes, we don’t need an intense movie or a long story to follow, and our brains want to engage in factual events.

There is some spooky stuff out there right now, with three docuseries looking into the dark world of psychotic minds and the investigations behind these people who were killed for self-gratification or power. A great docuseries includes health, such as ‘You are what you eat’. Also, if you are into your conspiracy theories and also interested in the events that led to some of the world’s most horrific terrorist attacks and now the new cold war dubbed WW3, there’s ‘Turning Point: The Bomb and the Cold War’.

I’ve watched all five of these series, so fair warning: they keep you gripped. If you have an early night planned, start watching them early, or you’ll end up binge-watching them until the early hours of the morning. I’m speaking from personal experience.

The Lie: The Murder of Grace Millane – 2024

Official Trailer from the Brainstorm Media YouTube Channel @BrainstormMedia90212

This documentary tells the tragic story of the demise of Grace Millane, a 21 year old who was a British backpacker on a solo vacation in Auckland. She went missing on the eve of her 22nd birthday. As part of a crime series under the name of The Social Media Murders, this sad tale is re-visited along with the search for her killer.

Grace arranged a date with Jesse Kempson in 2018 for Tinder to celebrate her birthday. Unknown to Grace, her planned date was with a person who had a violent past and a very bad attitude towards women. We see the hunt and arrest of Jesse and the subsequent court appearances when Jesse puts the blame squarely on Grace, claiming the pair had had consensual rough sex. This put her family through a traumatic time as, of course, Grace was unable to defend herself against such allegations.

The Tinder Killer, Jesse, is found guilty and sentenced to life with a minimum of 17 years. The tragic story highlights the issue of violence against women and includes CCTV footage and real interviews.

American Nightmare

Official Trailer from the Netflix YouTube Channel @Netflix

This real nightmare occurred in 2015 when Denise Huskins, asleep at home with her boyfriend, Aaron Quinn, was kidnapped in what seems like a Hollywood movie script. Unfortunately, it is a true story. Initially, the police treated Aaron as the main suspect. During the 48 hours that Denise was missing, the police continued to question Aaron. The belief was that it was all a hoax, and Denise was also suspected of involvement.

The reality was that Denise was the real victim, she was drugged and raped during her ordeal, but having suddenly turned up seemingly safe after just 2 days, the police continued with the thought that it was all a made-up story. To many, this would appear to be a case of the police coming up with their own story to put the case to bed.

The truth was that the pair had been drugged and tied up before Denise was placed in the trunk of Aaron’s car and driven off. The kidnappers had warned Aaron not to contact the police and that he was being watched by cameras.

Quinn decided to ignore the warning and reported the ordeal in the hope of finding Denise alive.

Homicide New York

Official Trailer from the Netflix YouTube Channel @Netflix

This new series is proving an instant hit with crime documentary followers. As the title states, it documents a series of many brutal murders in New York. Grisly details vary along with the motives of the highlighted murders in this series.

Just a few examples – two 15-year-old private school students murdered Michael McMorrow, a middle-aged cleaning woman kidnapped. The execution-style murder of Jennifer Stahl along with four friends, the case of the East Harlem Rapist who terrorized the area for more than seven years and Howard Pilmar, a millionaire who was stabbed to death.

Fascinating and very well-conducted interviews with law enforcement and friends and relatives of the victims make this a must-watch series for fans of gritty true-life crime.

You Are What You Eat

Official Trailer from the Netflix YouTube Channel @Netflix

This docuseries appears to be a big advert for a vegan diet. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it seems to be very biased on the side of the vegans’ way of life.

Many arguments are put forward against meat-eaters, such as the commonly used statement that meat-eaters are killing the planet with farming methods producing huge amounts of greenhouse gas emissions. Many of the facts provided in support of vegan-based diets go unchallenged, which is the series’ main criticism.

We are unsure as to whether this series will be successful in converting meat eaters over to a 100% vegan diet, which, to many, is not a realistic option. Will “You Are What You Eat” change your way of life?

Turning Point: The Bomb and the Cold War

Official Trailer from the Netflix YouTube Channel @Netflix

This fascinating nine-part series includes around 100 interviews with prominent historians, politicians, and witnesses from the height of the Cold War to the present day, including the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It documents the development of the atomic bomb and all its terrifying potential consequences.

Although it mainly concentrates on the delicate balance of power between the United States and the Soviet Union, it also ventures further afield to include China, Iran, and even the Marshall Islands.

This is an extremely detailed series that will open your mind to what has and is still going on with the main protagonists in this scary issue.

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