Time for some romance in your movie collection – an entertaining guide for connoisseurs of romantic flics and for those of you ignoring them! (Photo by Scott Broome on Unsplash)

We are still suffering from last year’s Hollywood strike, so not too many romance movies are hitting the theatres right now, but here are five that may interest you.

For all you romance fans, we have a special treat. The one and only Johnny Depp is back in the genre with Jeanne Du Barry (after a brief hiatus due to, you know, who was trying to lie her way into stardom), and he’s also starring in The Dead Don’t Hurt. Plus, three more romance movies you’ll just have to scroll down and find out – don’t worry, they all come with trailers to get a feel for how much love is in the air!

Whether these movies make you shed a tear or bring you closer to your loved one, they are bound to stir up some emotions. And if you’re single, they might make you think about that special person. Love stories always have great punch lines you can reenact to make your own real-life love story.

Jeanne Du Barry

Official Trailer from the Entertainment Access YouTube Channel @EntertainmentAccess

This movie stars Johnny Depp as King Louis XV. It is a story about a working-class woman named Jeanne Vaubernier who is determined to climb to the top of the social ladder and escape her tough early life. The Comte du Barry, her lover, decides to assist by introducing her to the King with the assistance of the Duke of Richelieu. The meeting went ahead and turned out much better than anyone had anticipated. It was love at first sight for the pair.

This changes the life of the King, who finds true meaning in life once more and decides he cannot live without Jeanne. He must have her in his life and decides she will be his last-ever mistress. This causes a huge amount of scandal for the King as he attempts to ensure Jeanne is accepted into his world and all that goes with being the King.

How will life turn out for them? Well, watch the trailer, take a guess, and then get stuck into the movie. After all, it’s the only Jonny Depp. When have we ever seen any of his past decade of movies flop?

The Dead Don’t Hurt

Official Trailer from the Shout! Studios YouTube Channel @ShoutStudios

Set in the 1960s on the West US frontier, it tells the story of Vivienne Le Cordy, a fiercely independent lady who is alone when Holger, the love of her life, leaves to fight in the Civil War. Vivienne met Holger, a Danish immigrant, in San Francisco and went with him to his hometown in Nevada, where they planned their lives together.

Vivienne is left alone to care for herself while Holger is away fighting for the Union. The town in Nevada is controlled by a very corrupt mayor, Rudolph Schiller, along with his equally corrupt business partner, Alfred Jeffries.

Jeffries has a violent son named Weston who sets his sights on Vivienne, but she resists his advances. When Holger returns from the war, the pair must face the situation and the people they have each become. This is a complicated and at times, tragic love story.


Official Trailer from the Music Box Films YouTube Channel @musicboxfilms

Solo is the story of Simon, an up-and-coming drag star in Montreal. He performs at a local club where he dances to disco music. He gets on well with his fellow drag artists and is assisted by his sister, who designs some outlandish and daring costumes for him. Simon feels truly at ease with his life and the community he is now part of.

A new drag artist arrives on the scene, Oliver. Immediately, there is a special chemistry between Oliver and Simon, the start of a romance and a successful collaboration in their drag acts. This doesn’t last as Oliver begins to show his true self and becomes domineering and destructive. This behavior now jeopardizes Simon’s position at the club.

Will the situation destroy them, or will they come through the love story’s turmoil, peaks, and troughs?

East Bay

Official Trailer from the Level 33 Entertainment YouTube Channel @level33entertainment92

East Bay includes some comedy situations following the lives of a group of people in their thirties and forties from San Francisco Bay who are coming to the conclusion that they have all failed based on 39-year-old Jack Lee, who is desperate to get back on track and has strange thoughts and begins to question reality.

These are all single professionals who believed anything was possible as they grew up. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out that way for them. They have failed in their chosen careers, their relationships and financially. We see Sara, Stuart, Tim, and Vivanti all trying to make something of their lives in their different ways.

Vivanti tries to help Jack when he turns to a spiritual way of life to save face, but this does not turn out exactly as they planned. How do they get through this situation?

Young Woman and the Sea

Official Trailer from the Walt Disney Studios YouTube Channel @DisneyMovieTrailers

This is a true story about an expert swimmer, Trudy Ederle, played by Daisy Ridley. She was the daughter of immigrant parents living in New York in the early 1900s. She set her sights extremely high from a young age. Her early years were difficult, but she was determined to be the best in the world at her chosen sport and bring women’s sports to the forefront. She had the support of her sister, which was important for her.

By the time Trudy reached 20, she was the most accomplished swimmer in the world against all the odds. She has won several awards, including Olympic gold. This wasn’t enough to satisfy her, so she set her target to become the first woman to swim the 21-mile-wide English Channel. No one believed that this would be possible. In 1926, she donned her scandalous two-piece costume, and with her parents, sister, and great-friend Meg cheering her on, she achieved the seemingly impossible.

A great and, at times, romantic true story of incredible achievement. A must-watch movie, I believe.

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