We are back with another report covering what’s trending on Netflix – check out the most popular movies and series right now. (Image courtesy of esthermm on Vecteezy)

We have chosen five of the top movies currently trending on Netflix. Even though this isn’t a free movie streaming channel, many of us have a subscription alongside our Fimzie movie account, so we keep a close eye on the types of movies trending.

This week on Netflix we have trailers and mini-movie reviews for the newly released Irish Wish and Damsel. Shirley was also released this year on Netflix, while the 2019’s Ford v. Ferrari added to the streaming platform is also pulling in high viewship. Joing these four movies is last year’s release of Society of the Snow!

Irish Wish – 2024

Irish Wish Official Netflix Trailer on YouTube

Lindsay Lohan stars in this movie as Maddie Kelly, an American author who has fallen in love with fellow author, Paul Kennedy, played by Alexander Vlahos. Paul is in the dark and is not aware of Maddie’s strong amorous feelings for him. He actually falls in love with her best friend Emma, played by Elizabeth Tan, and they are engaged to be married. Maddie blames herself for the situation and if only she had made Paul aware of how she felt about him.

The day of the wedding arrives, putting Maddie in a very difficult position, having to put her feelings aside and take on the role of bridesmaid at the wedding of her best friend.

On the way to the wedding, Maddie meets the wedding photographer James, played by Ed Speleers. She cannot set aside her feelings for Paul and makes a wish that she could be the bride in place of Emma. Incredibly her dream turns into reality and she is now Paul’s intended and takes Emma’s place. But maybe things do not work out for the best as she discovers more about Paul and James. She decides that maybe her wish is not what she really wanted after all. How will this turn out?

Damsel – 2024

Irish Wish Official Netflix Trailer on YouTube

Damsel is set on a medieval island. Millie Bobby Brown plays Elodie,  a Princess. Ray Winstone plays her Father, Lord Bayford. The Kingdom is in financial difficulties so Bayford decides to attempt to marry his Daughter into a wealthy family, as is the regular way to solve financial issues back in these times.

Queen Isabelle, played by Robin Wright, agrees to the plan and Elodie is sent to her rich Kingdom so she can marry her son, Prince Henry, played by Nick Robinson, and bring wealth back to the struggling Kingdom of her Father.

Elodie discovers the real truth behind this plan and realizes that she is to be used s a sacrificial lamb in order to repay an ancient family debt. It is now down to Elodie to save herself from this terrible fate. How will she achieve this? And will she win through?

Ford v. Ferrari – 2019

Ford v. Ferrari Official Netflix Trailer on YouTube

This movie is being hailed by many as the best car movie ever. See what you think. Starring Matt Damon as Carroll Shelby, the American car designer and champion racing driver, and Christian Bale as Ken Miles.

The movie is set in the early 1960’s, it is the story of the two global motor giants seeking to outdo each other and bid for domination. Shelby and Miles have to battle against massive opposition and interference from senior management but are determined to overcome this in order to design and build a revolutionary racing car for Ford that will beat Ferrari in the Le Mans 24-hour race. Shelby retires from racing so he can concentrate on this project alongside some work in car sales and driver management allowing him to manage his colleague Ken Miles.

An opportunity arises at seemingly the perfect time when Henry Ford II is less than happy with the current state of things at Ford and after rejecting a new car design the timing appears to be perfect for Shelby and Miles to make their mark. The Le Mans has never been won by an American car so is this the time for things to change?

Shirley – 2024

Shirley Official Netflix Trailer on YouTube

This new Netflix release is a true story based on the experiences of Shirley Chisholm, played by Regina King, the first black woman elected to Congress in the 1972 presidential campaign. She was also the first woman in the Democratic party to be nominated for President.

Shirley is determined to overcome any anticipated racism and doubts of her abilities from her male counterparts, which very quickly occurs when she attends a group photo on the steps of the Capitol alongside her white male colleagues. She successfully rises above the comments and stands proud.

She quickly gathers her team together, including her Husband, Conrad, played by Michael Cherrie, several advisers including a young law student. They have a tough job ahead as they all realise Shirley is definitely an outsider and they will have to face a whole host of hurdles in their campaign.

Shirley has great determination throughout, just how far does she go in the race for the Whitehouse?

Society of the Snow – 2023

Society of the Snow Official Netflix Trailer on YouTube

This is the harrowing true story of the 1972 plane crash in the Andes. There have been previous movies and books based around this terrible accident when Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 crashed in the Andes and how survivors managed to stay alive for 72 days in the treacherous mountainous conditions they had to endure.

On hitting a mountain, the aircraft was essentially sliced in half. The majority of the passengers were killed outright on impact. A search was immediately set in motion but was called off after several days as it was anticipated that there were no survivors and the weather conditions were too bad to continue the search.

Survivors had to resort to the unthinkable subject of cannibalism in order to avoid starving to death. Among the small number of survivors were members of a rugby team who were on their way to a match in Santiago. When the weather began to improve, wo of the players decided to set off on a mission to reach Chile, which against all the odds they actually achieved.

They were able to guide rescue helicopters to the crash site where 16 survivors were found and airlifted to safety. A truly fascinating story of survival.

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