A Guide to Becoming a True Filmzie

Film lovers, welcome to Filmzie, a new virtual home built for you and your (future) friends. As a brand new member, you’ll probably wonder how to start properly “filmzie-ing”. Well, imagine a place where you go way beyond just watching a film: here, it will be a whole journey full of discovering, discussing, and recommending films. Let us walk you through everything you’ll experience along the way.

1. Fill in your Filmzie profile

Choose a profile & cover pic and add a few words into your bio. You’ll help other Filmzies get to know you and understand what kind of films are your cup of tea. Once you start watching and reviewing, you’ll see all your activity on the Wall. Your favorite movies will be listed in your profile as well.

2. Find & watch your new favorite films

Exceptional, “different”, and rare films are the core of Filmzie. You will turn into an explorer on a lookout for hidden gems. Simply click on All Movies, pick a movie you’d like to watch, check out the trailer and/or easily rent the film. You’ll be able to view it within 48 hours since purchase.

3. Spread the word: rate, review & comment

Which movies should be watched: the ones that are fun, interesting or original — or those which only have a huge marketing budget? As a Filmzie, you can make sure the deserving movies find their appreciative fans. Leave a few words and a rating, we’re all really curious to hear your opinion! If you loved it, add it to your favorites, and if you’re not ready to watch just yet, leave it in the wishlist.

You can also interact with other Filmzies by commenting on their posts!

4. My Movies

The “My Movies” section neatly lists all the films you have rented, want to see and the ones that blew your mind the most!

5. Follow inspiring Filmzies

If you’re not sure what to watch, try taking advice from your fellow Filmzies. If you encounter a film soulmate who has a taste like you and writes insightful comments, follow them. Perhaps they’ll help you find your next favorite movie. We also suggest you follow this guy: Oscar is our community manager who will be happy to be your Filmzie guide!

6. Join various movie groups

Whether you love arthouse dramas or cheesy horrors, there surely are other Filmzies who feel the same. The groups are designed to connect people with shared interests — if you can’t find the right one for you, you can always create your own!

Ready to become a Filmzie? Join us at www.filmzie.com.

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