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Razzie Award nominations are full of Cats (duh), the new Batman will be super raw, and Independent Spirit Awards awarded some amazing films. 

The awfulness of Cats was “rewarded”

When the newest version of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s immortal musical Cats came out, all hell unleashed. Who would have imagined that a film could get so many reviews using litter box jokes? Numerous Razzie Award nominations for everything that’s wrong with this accidentally funny disaster are really not a surprise. Among other nominees are gems such as Rambo: Last Blood and awful Serenity – its stars Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey got nominated as well.

New Harley Quinn is pretty good, even if it’s bombing

It seems like DC Comics got it almost right this time. Insane (and insanely entertaining) Harley Quinn is back in Birds of Prey. After the demise of her relationship with Joker, an emancipated vigilante is born. Reviews are generally favorable – unlike the ratings of its predecessor, Suicide Squad – and the main star, Margot Robbie, is having the time of her life in the role. Just one tiny problem: the film is bombing at the box office

On a slightly unrelated note, the actress promoted the film on the popular YouTube show Hot Ones – trust us, you want to see her interviewed while choking on ultra-spicy wings ?

Batman spoilers! 

Apparently, new Batman aka Robert Pattinson, will be “raw” and “not sanitized”. Thank you, Peter Skarsgaard (who will portray Two Face), for giving us some teasers

Safdie brothers win the highest independent film honors

Independent Spirit Awards are always a breath of fresh air. Every year, right before the often unsurprising, traditional Oscars, low-budget, original films get their chance to shine. This year, two unforgivable Oscar snubs got the love: The Farewell won the best film, and Safdie brothers’ Uncut Gems took home three awards. Looking at the nominees and winners, it’s been a great year for films! And thank you, Adam Sandler, for showing everyone how hilarious acceptance speeches are done. 

Oscars are here!

Sunday, February 9th is the biggest night for film this year. Some interesting things could happen at the 2020 Oscars: the youngest EGOT winner in history, the first former president winning an Oscar or the first foreign movie ever to win Best Picture.

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