What’s up with Filmzie?

It’s been more than eight months since the first couple of curious movie lovers joined Filmzie and became a cornerstone of a community that lives and breathes film. What started as a tiny platform built around a couple of indie films has become a different beast entirely: what’s up with Filmzie now?

A home to 200+ free films

The “couple of indies” were later joined by festival award-winning films such as Secret IngredientPororoca and Enemies of the People, star-studded releases showcasing talents of the likes of Robin WilliamsAnthony Hopkinsand Kate Beckinsale, as well as unique short films that are hard to find on mainstream platforms.

Currently, you can find more than 200 titles on Filmzie, with further 800–1000 movies ready to be watched worldwide within the next three months. The best part? All of them can be watched completely free of charge, without any subscription.

Among other collaborations, we will welcome content from Red Arrow Studios and Filmhub — the #1 indie film distribution platform. And we have a little secret about one of the biggest documentary and drama distributors in the UK!

A pocket cinema

The Filmzie mobile app was released at the end of January for both iOS and Android. More than 2000 Android users have downloaded it, with iOS promotions scheduled to start soon. A special selection of short movies up to 10 minutes has proved to be quite popular — it’s perfect for the busy people on the move!

Filmzie in flesh

Our Filmzies are forging new friendships and chatting about the movies they’ve discovered in the online world — but what about the “real” world? British film fans have the opportunity to get more involved in regular monthly events of Kino London, our collaborators. Filmzie will also be present at various film groups and meetups throughout the UK, with Slovak activities planned as well.

So much more will come in 2020: stay tuned while watching free films at Filmzie!

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