Wonder Woman & her celeb friends spread joy with Imagine, actors are staying home and testing positive for the Coronavirus, and the Cannes Film Festival may not happen. 

Wonder Woman and her friends sing “Imagine” to the world

Gal Gadot, DC’s Current Wonder Woman, is currently in quarantine, and as she shared through her Instagram, she’s been thinking a lot about the world in the shadow of the Coronavirus. She’s decided to brighten up the day of her followers, and gathered her famous friends to sing a rendition of John Lennon’s Imagine – each of them just one line. 

Superstars like Natalie Portman, Jamie Dornan, Sia, Amy Adams, Norah Jones, Mark Ruffalo have contributed. For many, the video was a beautiful gesture, and many more feel like it’s the definition of cringe. Decide for yourself ?

Actors preach self-isolating

The world has changed quite a bit in the last couple of weeks. Everyone who’s reasonable stays at home, and actors are not an exception. Instead of premieres, movie shootings, and luxurious parties, they are trying to have fun at home just like the rest of us. How are they killing time? ?

Sir Anthony Hopkins played the piano for his adorable cat Niblo, Jen Aniston is hanging out with her dog, and Arnold Schwarzenneger told everyone to “listen to the experts, ignore the morons”. The Terminator star showed off a video with his two adorable ponies, Lulu and Whiskey, and let his fans peek into his new daily routine. “That’s what we do. We don’t go to restaurants, we don’t go to anything like that anymore here. We just eat with Whiskey and with Lulu and have a good time and get entertained,” he explained. 

Several actors have Coronavirus

Last week, we reported that Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson tested positive for the Coronavirus after landing in Australia. More actors have come forward with their diagnosis – British superstar Idris Elba, Bond girl Olga Kurylenko and Daniel Dae Kim, famous from Lost. They’ve done a great thing by addressing unfair stigma and racism around the disease, as well as warning people they should take it seriously. There’s just one question that remains – how the hell did they get their hands on tests with minimal symptoms? Fair or not, at least they helped. 

Terrible Cats finally won something ?

Those were the times when all that humanity talked about were freaky humanoid cats in a film with awful CGI and cringe-worthy script. And while Seth Rogen seemed to have a lot of fun getting stoned while watching Cats, it still officially became the worst movie of the year. Razzies, anti-awards dedicated to the worst of film, were truly generous – director Tom Hooper “won” as well as members of the cast. Even the worst on-screen combo went to this musical –  to “Any Two Half-Feline/Half-Human Hairballs” ?

Gigantic Cannes Film Festival is postponed

Wow. For now, Cannes Film Festival is postponed (probably to June), amid the Coronavirus outbreak. It’s a crucial event for the filmmakers, buyers and beyond, and should it be cancelled, it would be only for the third time in history. Fingers crossed to Cannes and all the wonderful films that deserve to shine this year. 

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