Family Ties in Hollywood: Relatives That Took Over the Silver Screen

Could talent be embedded in our DNA? That seems to be the case with these siblings, parents, and their kids that made it big in Hollywood!

James & Dave Franco

James Franco is possibly one of the most multi-faceted celebrities of our time: he’s not just an actor but also a director, screenwriter, comedian, film producer, television producer, academic, painter, and writer. No wonder that Dave had a tough job forging his own, distinct path. He broke his own rule when James offered him a role in a biographical dramedy, The Disaster Artist that he directed. Dave accepted the role of the best friend of James’ Tommy Wiseau, and he enjoyed every second of it. 

“When I first started acting I did make a conscious choice to distance myself from him work-wise just because I wanted to paint my own path, not be referred to as James Franco’s little brother for the rest of my life. But after a while, it just got to the point where I was like, “he’s my brother, and I love him, and I respect him,” and with “The Disaster Artist” the dynamic between these characters just felt right,” Dave explained for Business Insider.

In case you didn’t know, there’s a third Franco brother, too! Tom is the most impressive one. “He’s the best one—the best-looking, the sweetest, the nicest, greatest guy to be around. We keep him to ourselves. He’s our little secret,” said James for Vanity Fair

Angelina Jolie & Jon Voight

The ethereal actress and director famously didn’t always get along with her Oscar-winning father. Her screen debut was alongside his side when she was still just a kid, but their relationship was already suffering ever since Voight left the family when Jolie was not even 1-year old. Afterwards, they’ve experienced numerous ups and downs and years of hostility, with Voight publicly speaking about his daughter’s mental health problems and subsequently sending her messages of love through reporters. It appears that after Angelina’s mother died in 2007, they slowly started rebuilding their broken bond, and Voight has helped the mom of six through her divorce with Brad Pitt, too. 

Clint & Francesca Eastwood

You may be familiar with Clint’s lookalike son, Scott, but did you know he has seven more kids with several women? He has one of his daughters, Francesca, with the actress Frances Fisher, and she followed in her parents’ footsteps, building her own career both in film and on TV. 

Emma & Julia Roberts

The same wide smile, even though Emma isn’t Julia’s daughter – she’s her niece! Talent for acting clearly runs in the family, though, as Emma’s dad Eric Roberts is also their “colleague”. The fun part? He tried to take credit for both their successes. “If it wasn’t for me, there would be no Julia Roberts and no Emma Roberts as celebrities, as actresses, and I’m very proud of that,” he said for Vanity Fair

Um, okay… However, Emma seems to have been more inspired by her aunt. “I remember I was on Erin Brockovich—that set—a lot, and you remember all her costumes in that movie were very scandalous, and I would always sneak into the trailer and sneak them on like the big padded-boob costumes. I was just obsessed. It was so fun,” she recalled. 

Chris & Liam Hemsworth

Are they the most handsome, ripped acting duo that ever came from Australia? Quite possibly – plus, the Hemsworth brothers are genuinely talented and have done exceptionally well in Hollywood. Chris is a perfect embodiment of Thor, Liam shined in The Hunger Games, and their careers show no signs of slowing down. Their third brother, Luke, may not be as famous (yet), although you may remember him from a recent role in the hit show Westworld.

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