Covid-19 and its Global Impact on Cinema Closures in 2020

There’s no denying that the impact of COVID-19 has been felt across all industries. One of the hardest hit is that of entertainment services – movie cinemas in particular. Let’s take a look at the stats!  

The impact of lockdown in 2020:

  • Almost without exception, cinemas Worldwide were closed through Q2 2020
  • Markets in Asia Pacific, including China, reopened cinemas from the end of July 2020, and some Western markets followed suit in Q3
  • However, consumers did not return to the cinema in masses and attendance remained low

The impact of COVID-19 through the forecast period:

  • Halted production of new cinemas in China (and other developing territories) through much of 2020
  • Reduced confidence in the theatrical sector from investors
  • 2020 movie production significantly reduced
  • Cinema closures in mature markets accelerating existing declines in admissions
  • Forced changes to consumer consumption habits and film distribution channels

However, it’s not all grim and grey. While COVID-19 has highlighted potential alternatives to a theatrical movie release, it has also shown us that the whole cinema experience was undoubtedly taken for granted. Therefore, post lockdown, movie production will resume and cinemas will reopen (even if in a lesser capacity) and the industry will rebound once again.

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