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Be it a movie night that you might be planning to spend some time with your significant other, or you are just planning a weekend movie marathon with your friends, Sony Pictures is known to have produced some of the most massive films in the last few decades. Having been in the industry for a while now, Sony is known to be familiar in every corner of the world, so much so that the division has grown up to be one of the recognized logos throughout the TV screens in the world. 

With over 3000 films produced and 12 Oscars, there are many good choices if you are trying to plan a movie marathon. In this article today, we will simplify this process for you to choose the top 5 movies by Sony Pictures Films.

Spider-man- Into the Spiderverse

Official Sony Pictures Spider-man- Into the Spiderverse Trailer

Distributed by Sony Pictures Films back in December of 2018, the film was released. The film was directed by Rodney Rothman, Peter Ramsey, and Bob Persichetti.

Spider-Man has a huge fan base all over the world. While the cinematic movies played by the great actors are a delight for the audience, the animated movie did not disappoint at all. 

One day, while in Brooklyn’s subway, a radioactive spider bites Miles Morales. After the spider bites him, Miles realizes he has gained mysterious powers from the bite that transformed him into the spider-man. As the days go on, Miles meets the famous Peter Parker. After that meeting, he realizes that there are others who have the same gifts and traits as him. 

Miles now realizes the main culprit and decides to battle and conquer the new kingpin, who is known as the big madman. The kingpin has the power to open many portals and bring different versions of Spider-Man into our world. 

The collective brilliance of animation, direction, and production won many awards, including the Critics’ Choice Movie award for a best-animated film. 

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Official Sony Pictures Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Trailer

Quentin Tarantino did not hold back on his 9th movie, even though there is drama that is much more than Tarantino’s liking. The film is basically a portrait of the 60s and 70s landscape of Hollywood with a great cast. Speaking to Tarantino, he mentioned that the film is about a time of Hollywood that does not exist in LA or Hollywood anymore.

If we are to talk about the story, Leonardo DiCaprio plays the character of Rick Dalton. Rick used to be one of the biggest stars of this time. But, in recent times, his stardom has diminished, and he is forced to take on side roles against the up-and-coming actors. The film is also about another actor who is Rick’s stunt double. 

Brad Pitt plays the role of Cliff Booth, who plays the character of Rick’s best friend and stunt double. Cliff is a former green beret of WWII whose Hollywood career is declining, just like his friend Rick Dalton. 

Then comes Sharon Tate, who is played by the beloved Margot Robbie. Sharon and her husband Roman move in next door to Rick. It makes Rick attempt to network with the family to understand the newer landscape better. All three characters meet together to face a violent confrontation with the Manson family that happens on 8th August 1969.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Official Sony Pictures Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Trailer

Directed by Jake Kasdan, the film won the Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Movie. Jumanji is actually one of the biggest dreams of the video gaming community. The film features Dwyane Johnson and the likes of Kevin Gates. 

The film is basically about four friends who went to try the game of Jumanji, and they got sucked into the game. After they gain consciousness in the game, they are playing as different characters. Each of these characters has a different set of abilities and weaknesses. In order to get out of the game, they must complete this game. 

On their journey to get out, the four friends meet one of the oldest men from their town, who is known to have disappeared many days ago. They plan on escaping from the game together. Oh! We totally forgot to mention that all of these characters only have three lives in the game. In addition to the film’s achievements, Dwyane Johnson won two awards for this film. It is considered one of the must-watch movies. 


Official Sony Entertainment Skyfall Trailer

Directed by San Mendes, the film has raised the expectations for the James Bond fanbase, and it has delivered to those expectations. From the Empire Award for Best Film to the BAFTA award for Best Original Score, there are many awards won by films featuring Daniel Craig. 

Because the latest assignment of James Bond goes terribly wrong, it leads to a horrible turn of events. There are many undercover agents around the world who are exposed because of this fault. After the MI6 is attacked, it forces the hands of M and demands her to relocate the agency. As the MI6 is now compromised from inside and out, M turns to the one man she can trust the most: James Bond. 

Accompanied only by a field agent, James Bond follows the trail to Silva, with whom he has a score to settle. It is one of the best Sony movies.

Little Women

Official Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Trailer

Directed by Greta Gerwig, Little Women is one of the Sony Pictures films that won many awards, including the BAFTA award for Best Costume Design, the Bandung Film Festival for Imported Film, and the Academy Award for Best Costume Design, among many others. 

During the years of the Civil War, Jo March, who lives in New York, became a writer to make a living. On the other hand, her sister Amy is pursuing painting in Paris. She has the possibility of encountering Theodore, who was her childhood crush. Back then, Theodore proposed to Jo but got rejected. 

Their oldest sibling, who is known as Meg, is already wedded to a schoolteacher. During the time the shy sister Beth develops an illness, the whole family gets back together.

Expect More Sony Movies On the Horizon

Watching movies is one of the best ways to unwind the stresses of working weeks. There are many of the best Sony moviesthat you can enjoy. Whether it is a long weekend you might be planning to spend with your family watching movies or a solo binge-watch, these top 5 movies we listed here today are certainly a treat for the weekend. Sony has many great movies in every genre, from action to drama, and these 5 are the best on that list.

And one thing you can rely on the movie company will continue to bring out new movies. In 2024 we already have on the Filmzie ‘2024 FILM PREVIEW‘ movie news 3 top movies coming to the big screen.

  • Madame Web (February 2024)
  • Spiderman spin-off Kraven the Hunter (August 2024)
  • The Karate Kid Sequel (December 2024)

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