What’s happening in the awards gossip columns right now?

Latest updates on BAFTA, Oscars, and LGBTQ film Dorian Awards – who won what, new categories, and most nominated. (Photo by Mirko Fabian on Unsplash)

There’s been plenty happening on the awards circuit lately. Over in Britain, versatile actress and director Samantha Morton was given BAFTA’s highest honor for her outstanding body of work in film, television, and games. Meaning she now stands alongside legends like Hitchcock and Chaplin.

The Oscars made a big change too – come 2026, there will finally be a category for casting directors, recognizing their key role in finding actors to bring scripts to life. Movie fans have wanted this for years.

And nominations came out for the Dorian Awards, chosen by LBGTQ critics and reporters to celebrate queer cinema. This year, the indie drama “All of Us Strangers” scored a top nine nominations, while films like “Barbie” and “May December” also did well across categories.

So whether it’s new categories or nominations, these recent developments are putting a welcome spotlight on people in the industry whose work goes unseen. Keep reading for all the details on these entertainment stories – who won what, why these changes matter, and the most nominated films and talent.

What Dates Are the Major Movie Awards Happening On in 2024?

Here are all the special award dates to look forward to…

  • What date is the Golden Globe Awards? Took place on January, 7
  • What date is the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards? Took place on January, 14
  • What date is the BAFTA Awards? February, 18
  • What date is the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards? February, 24
  • What date is the GALECA Dorian Awards? February, 26
  • What date is the Oscars Awards? March, 10
  • What date is the Cannes Film Festival Awards? May 14 to May 25

British Star Samantha Morton Lands Top BAFTA Award

Sweet and Lowdown from the official Filmzie YT Channel

Samantha Morton has acted in small indie flicks and big-budget blockbusters. She scored Oscar nods for roles in Sweet and Lowdown (Filmzie Trailer above) and In America. She’s worked with A-list directors but also carved her own path as a director. Her TV movie The Unloved, which she wrote and directed, took home a BAFTA.

On top of acclaimed film performances, Morton has won praise for TV roles too. She nabbed a Golden Globe for the HBO movie Longford and played the iconic villain Alpha on The Walking Dead.

With an impressive acting career under her belt, along with directing and writing credits, Morton will now receive BAFTA’s top honor: the BAFTA Fellowship. The award puts her among past recipients like Charlie Chaplin, Alfred Hitchcock, and Steven Spielberg.

It’s a fitting recognition of Morton’s one-of-a-kind talents on both sides of the camera. Her commitment to complex characters has shone a light on underrepresented stories.

Morton will receive the BAFTA Fellowship at this year’s Film Awards on February 18th in a ceremony hosted by David Tennant. It’s sure to be a celebration of her outstanding contributions to film, TV, and games over the decades.

Oscars Adding New Category for Casting Directors (Best Stunts also in the pipeline!)

The Biggest Stunt in Cinema History (Tom Cruise) – Courtesy of Paramount Pictures official YT Channel!

The Academy Awards (aka the Oscars) made an announcement. Starting in 2026, there will be a new category for Best Casting. This will honor the work casting directors do for films.

What Do Casting Directors Do?

Casting directors pick which actors get each role in a movie. They help the director find talent that will bring the characters to life. It’s an important job that takes creativity and an eye for good performers. The Academy has a Casting Directors group since 2013. This group asked for years to get their own Oscar category. Now their work will finally be recognized at the ceremony.

What Will the Award Look Like?

The details aren’t all decided yet. In April 2025, the Academy will share info on who’s eligible and how winners are chosen. Then in 2026, we’ll see the first-ever Best Casting Oscar handed out. This matters because the Oscars want to evolve with the film world. New categories let more filmmaking jobs get awards for great work.

There’s even talk of adding a ‘Best Stunts’ category someday! The new Casting Oscar shows the Academy listens when parts of the industry ask for more recognition. This helps make sure all the behind-the-scenes talent gets appreciated.

All of Us Strangers Leads Nominations for LGBTQ Movie Awards

All of Us Strangers Official Trailer courtesy of the official SearchlightPictures YT Channel

The movie All of Us Strangers scored the most nominations for the 15th Annual Dorian Film Awards, which honor the best LGBTQ films and performances as chosen by GALECA. That’s a group of LGBTQ entertainment journalists and critics.

The contenders for LGBTQ Film of the Year include a mix of movies that speak to LGBTQ viewers: All of Us Strangers, Bottoms, Passages, Rustin, and Saltburn.

All of Us Strangers picked up 9 nominations total, including for Biggest Film of the Year and Best Lead Actor for Andrew Scott’s role. Two other actors in the movie, Paul Mescal and Claire Foy, got nods for Supporting Actor. The director Andrew Haigh and Scott are also up for GALECA’s LGBTQ Film Trailblazer prize, which recognizes important contributions to LGBTQ cinema.

Worth noting: Universal Pictures Christopher Nolan scored a Best Director nomination for ‘Oppenheimer.’ Also, Greta Gerwig ‘Barbie’ (Warner Bros.), Celine Song ‘Past Lives (A24)’, Todd Haynes ‘May December’ (Netflix), and Andrew Haigh ‘All of Us Strangers’ (Searchlight Pictures) are all on the Best Director nomination list.

Some other top films competing for the Best Film award are:

  • Barbie (7 nominations)
  • May December (6 nominations)
  • Past Lives (5 nominations)
  • Poor Things (4 nominations)

A few under-the-radar films got some love too and made the Unsung Film category. These overlooked movies are Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret, Monica, Origin, Theater Camp, and A Thousand and One.

GALECA’s over 500 members will vote and announce all the winners on February 26th, including the Lifetime Achievement prize. Film enthusiasts look forward to these picks each year.

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