Looking to arrange a trip to the big screen this month? Here are 5 films out in the movie theaters this February 2024. (Photo by Geoffrey Moffett on Unsplash)

Sony’s new flick Madame Web shakes up tired superhero stuff by making their lead a paramedic who suddenly gets psychic superpowers. Dakota Johnson plays her as she deals with these weird new abilities while trying to, you know, have a life. The movie keeps the exciting adventure but also brings more real drama than you see in mega-hero franchises.

For a freaky twist, check out Lisa Frankenstein with Kathryn Newton playing a goth high schooler who falls hard for a cute Victorian dude brought back to life. With its trippy visuals and smart jokes poking at horror clichés and teen stereotypes, the movie puts a colorful punk spin on undead stories.

Music heads can dig into a new Bob Marley documentary called One Love which shows the legend’s sweet reggae jams and Gnarly political stands. Concert footage and scenes in Jamaica showcase Marley’s artistry and influence. We go beyond the hits with a real glimpse at the man and what stirred him.

If spy action with mad style sounds fun, peep Argylle directed by Matthew Vaughn. A writer gets pulled into crazy secret agent stuff after her stories hit too close to home. The movie cracks jokes while stars like Bryce Dallas Howard throw down gonzo fight choreography.

Check the zany Drive-Away Dolls from the Coen brothers, sending two friends on a kooky all-American road trip that takes some wild turns. The movie keeps its janky humor but also brings the heart as the leads’ bond holds strong through the chaos.

So hit the cinema this week for a colorful spin on heroes, horror, spies and more!

Madame Web Spins Fresh Superhero Story

Madame Web trailer from Madame Web official YouTube channel

Sony’s Madame Web puts a novel twist on tired superhero tropes. Dakota Johnson stars as a paramedic who gains psychic abilities and faces both thrilling adventures and personal crises. Unlike many caped crusader flicks, the movie balances character drama with vibrant action. Backed by slick effects, Johnson’s emotional performance grounds the supernatural story. While part of Sony’s Spider-Man saga, “Madame Web” stands alone with its blend of heart and wit.

Lisa Frankenstein: Colorfully Undead

Lisa Frankenstein trailer from Universal Pictures UK official YouTube channel

Part horror, part comedy, Lisa Frankenstein injects blood and laughs into the staple high school story. Kathryn Newton plays a goth teen who falls for a revived Victorian boy, while neon visuals and Diablo Cody’s razor-sharp script make death a rainbow-colored joy. The movie affectionately roasts both genre conventions and adolescent drama. With a killer soundtrack and cast, Lisa Frankenstein offers off-the-wall fun beyond the typical scary movie.

Bob Marley Film Vividly Captures His Journey

Bob Marley: One Love – trailer from Universal Pictures official Youtube Channel

In Bob Marley: One Love, Kingsley Ben-Adir soulfully channels the reggae icon’s artistic passion and social conscience. Dynamic live performances and Jamaica’s lush scenery electrify Marley’s musical achievements, while intimate scenes reveal his personal and political challenges. More than a standard biopic, the film explores Marley’s cultural influence through the power of song. For casual fans and devotees alike, “One Love” strikes a memorable chord.

Argylle Injects Stylish Fun Into Spy Genre

Argylle – trailer from Universal Pictures official Youtube Channel

Director Matthew Vaughn brings swaggering Elan to the spy movie with Argylle. An author stumbles into real-life espionage after her fiction inadvertently copies true events. Led by a charming Bryce Dallas Howard, the film parodies the genre while delivering seriously over-the-top action. Buoyed by a strong cast, slick visuals, and steady laughs, Argylle puts a playful spin on the verbal and literal jousting common to its predecessors.

Drive-Away Dolls: Comedy with Heart

Drive-Away Dolls – trailer from Universal Pictures UK official YouTube channel

A Coen brother behind the camera signals a film filled with oddball characters, laugh-out-loud gags, and surprising soul. In Drive-Away Dolls, Margaret Qualley and Geraldine Viswanathan play best friends seeking adventure on the open road. But their sojourn soon goes haywire with both madcap and meaningful results. With clever dialogue, powerful bonds, and sheer kooky charm, this comedy marks Ethan Coen’s sweet spot.

What’s Coming Up in March 2023?

March is due for another excellent line-up of new movies.

Dune: Part Two – The sequel to the 2021 sci-fi epic, with director Denis Villeneuve continuing the story from Frank Herbert’s novel and new cast members like Florence Pugh and Christopher Walken.

  • Imaginary
  • Kung Fu Panda 4
  • Arthur the King
  • Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire
  • Godzilla vs Kong: The New Empire

For more future releases, take a look at our ‘MOVIES TO WATCH OUT FOR THIS YEAR‘ catch-up!

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