Despite negative reactions to the Wicked movie trailer, the full film will likely deliver. We also discuss past trailer flops for hit movies! (Photo by stefano stacchini on Unsplash)

The first preview for the upcoming Wicked movie musical premiered during the Super Bowl, and it sure got people talking! Some fans were pumped to finally get a peek at the beloved Broadway show turned big-screen blockbuster. But a lot of folks were not impressed with what they saw, and it’s coming out across social media.

Below, we give you the lowdown on the criticism, but we also do one better. We give you motion pics that also released trailer flops, yet these movies became some of Hollywood’s biggest earners when the films hit the big screen.

So the answer to the title ‘Will the Musical Flop?’ is a strong – HIGHLY UNLIKELY!

Bad Feedback is Rolled Off Across The Net

Multiple critics took to the internet, calling the cinematography bland and the CGI visual effects tacky. A few even thought the lighting made it look like stars Cynthia Erivo and Ariana Grande had been coated in flour. One reviewer on Reddit said it seemed less like Wicked and more like a cheap knock-off fantasy thing packed with pointless special effects. Another person cracked about it being a bunch of ‘CGI sludge’ and said they wiped all the personality from the original musical.

This was only a quick preview, not the entire movie. But some worried fans feel the adaptation is headed in a dull direction. Rather than getting pumped for something new and daring, they’re let down by something that looks predictable. But maybe the next round of trailers will turn opinions around! For now, the jury’s out on whether this Wicked will deliver the wonder it seems to promise.

And don’t even get the haters started on the Oz references. Those shots of Emerald City and the flying monkeys were meant to be cool callbacks, but they struck a lot of people as lame copies of stuff we’ve seen before.

Official Wicked Trailer

Universal Pictures Official Teaster Trailer!

What is the Movie Wicked About?

The hugely popular Broadway show “Wicked” has an incredibly dedicated fanbase. People have been waiting almost 20 years for the musical to be turned into a movie. Well, the wait is almost over! “Wicked” tells the story of the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good Witch long before Dorothy got to Oz. It looks at their unlikely friendship and explores ideas about good and evil.

Is there Anything for Universal Pictures to Worry About?

Nope! Why would they? Trailers can look like flops, and then the next teaser following up to the official release will have been edited and improved based on fandom feedback. Even some parts of the movie may have its CGI adjusted and scenes adjusted slightly if the haters come in droves.

Yes, the trailer that just came out doesn’t seem quite as epic as the stage show. But the cast could turn things around! Stars Cynthia Erivo and Jonathan Bailey will play Elphaba and Fiyero. Even in the trailer, you can hear Erivo nail that famous song ‘Defying Gravity.’

A lot of fans were scared the movie would cut the songs. That little musical taste should help people feel better. The movie might still surprise us and cast a magical spell! Now everyone’s counting down until we get to go back to Oz!

Other movies that had disappointing trailers but turned out to be blockbuster hits!

To make a point, Wicked is not the first movie to have released a trailer that sparked controversy. A few big movies had disappointing early trailers, only to end up being smash hits. Looking at some examples shows that marketing based just on trailers doesn’t always work.

The Matrix (1999)

Folks were confused when first seeing The Matrix trailers showing people trapped in virtual reality. But the finished movie had groundbreaking special effects and a mind-bending story, making it a monster hit.

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Guardians of the Galaxy trailers featuring a wisecracking raccoon and tree dude didn’t impress Marvel fans expecting regular superheroes. Turned out though, the weird misfits and ’70s tunes clicked with crowds looking for something fresh.

Titanic (1997)

Don’t forget Titanic, either. The trailers hyped Leo and Kate’s romance, not the scenes with passengers desperately fighting to survive. But spellbinding visuals and drama around the famous disaster brought in record audiences and won a ton of Oscars. It was also the top-earning movie for 12 years and is currently the third-highest movie in history. It took in $2.202 billion in 1997. It wasn’t until 2009 when Avatar brought in $2.8 billion, that Titanic lost its top spot.

Even then, Titanic held the second spot for another 10 years before Avengers: Endgame (2019) took in $2.798 billion. Therefore, it took 12 and 10 years, so 22 years respectively, for 2 movies to earn more despite its original bad trailers.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

Finally, Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailers leaning hard on nostalgia left some wondering if there were any new ideas left. But the franchise still had some tricks up its sleeve, with a cool new cast that won over long-time fans and critics. The movie ended up netting a massive $2.068 billion, making it thus far the fourth-highest-earning movie in history.

You can check Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Titanic figures. in the Top 10 Earning Movies of All Time section of our previous Filmxie movie news report 10 BOX OFFICE HITS IN 2023.

So when a big movie has a shaky trailer, it’s probably smart to wait for more reviews and buzz before writing it off. The best films don’t always show their cards upfront.

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