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However, because of the movie buffs we are, we also produce a lot of content covering what’s going on in Hollywood and Bollywood. Hence, we don’t always talk about what’s available on our app. We’ll also be looking at world film in future blogs.

Yet, today, we want to talk about trending movies on Filmzie that you can watch for free. The best place to start is to look at which films are trending. As of today, here are the top 5 most watched movies on our movie site! One of them is a 1-minute movie that will send shivers down your spine!

The movie below comes with trailers where possible. Avoid The Haunted Doll trailer if you are under 18 or horrors aren’t your thing. For more trailers from the Filmzie movie portfolio, we have the Filmzie YouTube channel here.

5 Shells (2012) – Touches on maintaining hope against all odds

Official 5 Shells Filmzie Movie Trailer
  • Length of Movie: 87 minutes
  • Movie Niche: Drama, Family, Sci-Fi

The movie 5 Shells tells a dramatic story about two young sisters named Matti and Joslyn. Their world is turned upside down after a financial crash destroys the economy. With their home gone and family lost, the girls must journey across dangerous territory in hopes of finding a safe refuge.

As the eldest, Matti feels responsible for defending her little sister Joslyn. Their only protection on the road comes from the 5 shotgun shells Matti keeps. The title refers to these 5 shells which represent their struggle to survive threats in the lawless ruins of formerly stable towns.

Despite the bleak setting, the film explores themes of hope and the power of human bonds. Viewers deeply connect with Matti and Joslyn’s sisterly relationship tested by their brutal reality. We care about their quest to discover a new home-base kept safe on limited means. The story warns society about potential chaos from fiscal instability. Yet the characters show that with inner resilience and sticking together, one can pull through even truly hard times.

Delicious (2013) – For those who believe in redemption and cuisine enthusiasts

Official Delicious Filmzie Movie Trailer
  • Length of Movie: 82 minutes
  • Movie Niche: Comedy, Drama, Romance

The new French movie Delicious is a nice mix of comedy, drama, romance, and history. It takes place just before the French Revolution kicks off. The main character is Jacques, who’s really an awesome chef. But he gets tired of working for a fancy nobleman who won’t let Jacques cook the way he wants.

Jacques decides to open his own inn where he can make whatever amazing food he likes. He meets Louise, who’s struggling with eating issues, and Jacques helps her learn to enjoy eating again. As Jacques follows his cooking passion and opens up his own place, he finds that making great food not only feeds people’s bodies but also connects them.

Between the tasty meals Jacques creates, his new friendship with Louise, and the big historical events brewing in the background, this movie has a lot going on! The director uses food and connections between people to explore bigger themes about life, dreams, and changing times. Even with some serious ideas, the movie doesn’t take itself too seriously – it keeps things lively and appetizing.

Heidi (2014) – The Haunted Doll

Official Heidi Filmzie Movie Trailer
  • Length of movie: 93 minutes
  • Movie Niche: Horror

The movie Heidi takes a children’s doll and turns it into something super creepy. It’s about how this once-sweet toy suddenly starts terrifying the two main characters. I’m guessing the film uses the doll to explore bigger ideas, like how innocence can become corrupted or how evil can invade normal life in weird ways.

The friends are probably desperate to get control of what’s happening and stop the doll from freaking them out even more. As the movie goes on, they might figure out that Heidi has a mysterious, messed-up history explaining why she’s so haunted. Like maybe they learn about her past owners or other freaky stuff that’s happened around her before. That could give them clues to make Heidi go back to being a normal, not-scary doll again.

Tuck Me In (2014)– a 1-minute that shocks the senses

  • Length of Movie: 1 minute
  • Movie Niche: Horror, Thriller, Short, European Production

The 1-minute horror film Tuck Me In makes quite the impact. Stemming from an award-winning two-sentence scary story, the movie follows a dad tucking his son Alex into bed—a familiar routine that takes a seriously creepy turn. When Alex asks Dad to check under the bed for monsters, Dad spots another Alex hidden down there, claiming the one in bed’s an imposter.

Talk about freaky! This basic yet bold twist taps into kids’ common fear about things lurking out of sight in the dark. It leaves us wondering: which Alex is the real deal?

In just 60 seconds, Tuck Me In crafts some fine suspense and makes the ordinary look pretty dangerous. The concept of copycat doubles elevates the chill factor. It’s a testament to how horror films—even super short ones—can stick with us long after. Director Michael Lentini wrings tons of tension from a simple bedtime scene, a dad tending to his kid. The result is a punchy, frightening jewel of streamlined storytelling.

Prometeo (2019) – When a Couple Reunites, Hidden Truths Emerge

  • Length of Movie: 6 minutes
  • Movie Niche: Short, European Production

Under the stars, a young couple comes back together, planning to rekindle their romance poolside. He’s ready to propose marriage, confident in their happy future. But when she divulges a long-held secret, their easy path to happily-ever-after disappears. Like characters in classic Greek myths, their fates now twist into uncertainty. Profound questions and tensions emerge – can lost trust be regained? Can acceptance transcend betrayal?

The course of true love never did run smooth, after all. This revelation rocks their relationship, challenging cozy assumptions about each other and modern love itself. Their bonds are tested as they navigate the messy complexities of real intimacy. Will they find their way back to each other? Or is this the final dimming of their star-crossed fire? As in the most compelling human stories, the answers don’t come easy. For two soulmates under the night sky, the real adventure is just beginning when dreams collide with profound truth.

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