Top 5 Indie Movies You Can Watch For Free (June 2020)

We are nearly halfway through 2020 and it’s already been arguably one of the most chaotic years in recent memory. Everything from record-breaking fires to a global pandemic has been thrown at us. Surely, it feels like we’re in the middle of some catastrophic disaster movie from the likes of Roland Emmerich (known for The Day After Tomorrow, Independence Day, and 2012 among others)! 

All major Independent film festivals and awards ceremonies have been canceled or postponed indefinitely. This has made it extremely difficult for indie filmmakers and small studios to gain recognition for their hard work, and ultimately, earn any compensation as well.

That being said, we at Filmzie have created an opportunity for some of these filmmakers to redeem the fruits of their labor and also involve the community in the process. Simply by watching independent movies on Filmzie, you are directly supporting the filmmakers themselves as they earn a kickback for reaching viewer thresholds.

With all that’s happening in the world right now, we want to give a little something back to the independent movie scene while additionally bringing a welcomed distraction for movie lovers everywhere. And what better way to do this than to highlight some amazing movies from independent filmmakers and small studios that you might have missed! These movies, along with hundreds of others, are completely free for you to watch on Filmzie. Let’s dive right in!

Prometeo – Watch Now for FREE

Prometeo - Online Movie Free to Watch

Director: Ignacio F. Rodó / Drama, Short / 6 min 

Directors Ignacio F. Rodó, Josep M. Gifreu and Laia R. San Juan bring this dramatic tale of a marriage proposal gone unexpectedly wrong. The twist at the end will leave you wanting more!

Bla Bla Bla – Watch Now for FREE

Director: Alexis Morante / Comedy, Short / 3 min

Bla Bla Bla - Online Movie Free to Watch
Bla Bla Bla

From Spanish director Alexis Morante comes this hilarious short. A ride-sharing taxi driver gets an experience he didn’t expect from his first customers… Sharing a car is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get.

Dead Bird Don’t Fly – Watch Now for FREE

Director: Charlie Sporns / Drama, Short / 14 min

Dead Bird Don't Die - Online Movie Free to Watch
Dead Bird Don’t Fly

A story about adolescence, family and love. This short drama by Charlie Sporns follows an isolated foreign student forced into an American high school by her parents, who becomes attracted to her only friend, her female English tutor.

Kayla – Watch Now for FREE

Director: John Dower / Drama, Short / 13 min

Kayla - Online Movie Free to Watch

John Dower directs this dilemma fueled by a dramatic short about a lonely and chaotic Dementia carer, Sarah, who has to decide what to do when her new employer, Stanley, mistakes her for his Granddaughter. 

Mistaken – Watch Now for FREE

Director: Alfred Robbins / Biography / 84 min

Mistaken - Online Movie Free to Watch

Based on actual events, director Alfred Robbins brings us the true story of a Moroccan woman, Laila, who is detained at JFK airport in New York days after 9/11 because her husband has the same name as the lead terrorist. Laila and her husband suffer the effects of having the same name as a terrorist while trying to live a normal life in a tense post 9/11 world. 

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