Paid movie channels like Netflix and Disney are great. However, that doesn’t mean you should ignore free movie streaming channels – why? (Photo by Samuel Regan-Asante on Unsplash)

Paid streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video seem to have a never-ending supply of movies and TV shows available on-demand. However, even with vast catalogs of content, these services don’t have every single movie or show you might want to watch. In fact, they miss out some movies you may enjoy enjoying watching, both A-movie and B-movie titles. Not only that, up-and-coming actors are often first spotted on channels that show films streamed for free. Vinny Jones, the ex-Wimbledon and England player, had many of his debut movies on free streaming channels, and today, although not a mainstream actor, we see him starring in Hollywood hits.

Plus, he played a major role in Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels – a cult hit in the UK and across the globe thanks to Guy Richie! On top of this, older movies the paid sites tend not to show are often still available on free movie sites and apps.

That’s where free streaming channels can fill the gaps.

Here are 5 reasons why supplementing your paid streaming with some free options is worth considering:

  • Harder-to-Find and Older Titles
  • The Selection of Free Movies is Always Rotating
  • Discovering New Genres and Filmmakers
  • Expand Your Options for Family Movie Nights
  • Try Before You Buy Full Streaming Service Subscriptions

Let’s expand on these points in more detail…

Free Movie Channels Often Offer Harder to Find and Older Movies

Paid streaming libraries tend to focus more on newer and popular TV shows and films. But free streaming channels like Filmzie, Tubi, and Pluto TV have wider ranges of older and more obscure movies you won’t find on mainstream services. So if you’re trying to find an old favorite childhood movie or see where a director got their start, check out the free movie channels. Their libraries stay stocked with retro hits and hidden gems you’d otherwise have to specially rent or buy.

The Selection of Free Movies is Always Rotating

Most paid streaming content comes and goes each month as licenses expire. But with free ad-supported channels, the rotating selection of movies happens even more frequently. Roku Channel and Vudu’s free movie section can change their offerings every few days. And Hoopla rotations depend on your local library. So if you don’t see something that interests you right away, keep checking back.

Discovering New Genres and Filmmakers

Without a regular fee or subscription commitment, free streaming leaves you free to casually browse outside your normal watching habits. Scan through rows and categories you usually pass by to discover new genres and filmmakers you end up loving. Many free channels also cater to focused niches like British TV on Britbox, anime on RetroCrush, or arthouse cinema on Kanopy. Paid services cast wider mainstream nets, so lean into free streaming to dig deeper.

Expand Your Options for Family Movie Nights

Finding films suitable and enjoyable for the whole family can be a chore. Relying solely on mainstream services leaves your family movie night options limited. But family-friendly free channels like Tubi Kids, PBS Kids, and The Roku Channel’s Kids & Family section simplify the hunt. You can filter and search specifically for content appropriate for children of all ages.

Try Before You Buy Full Streaming Service Subscriptions

Signing up for multiple paid streaming services adds up quickly. And it’s frustrating to pay for a subscription only to find it doesn’t offer enough shows and movies you want to watch. Trying out the free library of an on-demand service first lets you vet its catalog. You can get a better sense of its content breadth and depth before paying. Test run free trial periods as well, but unlimited free streaming gives you more evaluation time.

Have we Persuaded you to Add Free Movie Streams to your Collection?

While paid streaming services provide plenty of viewing content, even the largest catalogs have holes. Mixing in specialized and rotating free streaming fills in the gaps when paid libraries come up short. By diversifying your on-demand watching to include free movie streaming channels means more classic film finds, total family viewing flexibility, and fewer shows and movies missed.

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