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How often do you find yourself humming the theme tune of a movie? It is very common occurring among many people. You do not certainly have to be a cinephile to get hooked on the theme tunes of movies. Whether it is a dark, melancholy, cloudy day theme or a hot summer country theme, every film’s theme tune has an impact on the viewer.

In fact, the theme tune of a film can make or break a movie. The stories that are told in the film are a getaway from the bustling realities of all work and no off-day balance. All the directors have the common knowledge that if you want a story to be remembered and resonate among the audience, a movie theme track is just as important as the story. 

Here are 5 top movies and their soundtracks, plus a bonus soundtrack at the end!

  1. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Courtesy of the official Annie Lennox YT Channel

The first on our list of best movie music is a masterpiece from Howard Shore. The Lord of the Rings soundtrack is one of the most intense and epic theme tunes ever. The masterpiece from Howard is jam-packed with sufficient heart-wrenching melodies, memorable, epic brass sequences, and crunchy-stirred build-ups that are enough to make it any music lover’s favorite. 

  • May It Be – performed by Enya The Fellowship of the Ring
  • Into the West – performed by Annie Lennox for The Return of the King

If you did not know, the Lord of the Rings has gotten shore no less than two Golden Globes, three Oscars, four Grammys, and many other awards. It has also gotten the music collaborations of Fran Walsh & Annie Lennox Scoop awards for the song ‘Into the West.’ 

It simply would not be the shire without those chirpy whistles and flute melodies. And there won’t be any gravitas of Riders of Rohan without shore’s poised orchestral scoring. We can all agree that Rivendell would not have looked quite magical on screen without the undulating orchestral arpeggios. 


Courtesy of the official Hans Zimmer YT Channel

We all feel that music has a unique power to share what a character is feeling without any dialogue. And such a statement is true irrespective of what genre of movies you may be watching. Over the years, there are many iconic movie soundtracks that have been there and garnered popularity just as much as the films. However, when we are having a conversation about movie soundtracks, the first name that comes to mind is Hans Zimmer.

  • Time – created by Hans Zimmer was the main soundtrack for Inception

Now, Inception is one of the best movies of our generation. Whether you were a native audience of the film or have watched the dubbed version, there is a good reason why the film resonated with you, and a big part of it goes to the theme sound of the movie. While it is general for movie soundtracks to portray the landscape of a movie, Zimmer has done wonders with Inception. 

Before embarking on this journey to create this score for Inception, Zimmer has been told to let his imagination be as wild as it can. By doing that, the world has a densely constructed, imaginative, electric sound world, incorporating a guitar sound reminiscent of Ennio Morricone’s music. The iconic brass instrument fanfare of the film further represents a slower and better version of the tune. 

Hans Zimmer is quite famous among scholars and university students due to his tunes that are said to increase concentration among students. And masterpieces like Inception really speak about the popularity of this talented artist.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Courtesy of the official Redbone YT Channel

There is something about the movie Guardians of the Galaxy that makes you wonder if you would rather not watch anything else. While there are many contributing factors to why it is, one of the biggest reasons for this is the movie soundtrack. 

From the film’s opening scene, where the star-lord dances around the space cave, you just know that you are in for a harmonical treat. Not to mention that it is a ride to remember. The opening scene really speaks out about what comes next.

The soundtracks that resonated with the audience the most:

  • Awesome Mix Vol. 1.
  • Hooked on a Feeling – performed by Blue Swede
  • I Want You Back – performed by The Jackson 5
  • Come and Get Your Love – performed by Redbone

Soundtracks are an important part of movies and play a major role in film score analysis. The movie tune of the Guardian of the Galaxy series is the music at its core. From a narrative perspective, it makes total sense that the movie’s theme tune is the central part of the film. As per Peter Quill, he loves the presence of music, and it is extremely important to him. 

When it comes to making the Guardian of the Galaxy series, music is more than just for the sake of narrative. It is baked into every process, which starts from the screenplay. Over the years after the release of the series, the movie soundtrack is still adored by many people around the world. 


Courtesy of the official Yann Tiersen YT Channel

Movie soundtracks are not limited to thriller and adventure movies. Yann Tiersen’s contribution to the movie Amelie is one of the biggest pieces of evidence for that. Created with a focus on elements of music that are native to French music and brought to life by melodies that embody the world colorful of the eponymous protagonist, it is no secret why many people adore it.

  • Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain – composed by Yann Tiersen
  • La Valse d’Amélie – composed by Yann Tiersen

Way back in 2001, Yann Tiersen gave the world this score through the film Amelie. It grasps the innocent essence from the rose-colored lens of the French landscape, binding together the story of curious Persian waitress Amiele. 

If it is impossible to watch the film now, you can always listen to the best movie music when you are alone. It will surely be a favorite for you too.

Black Panther

Courtesy of the official Kendrick Lamar YT Channel

The mega-hit movie “Black Panther” came with two main musical releases that captured audiences – the soundtrack score and a separate album.

  • The Original Score: Composer Ludwig Göransson was tasked with crafting the score. He mixed traditional African instruments and styles into sweeping orchestral arrangements. His goal was to musically showcase the movie’s fictional setting – the advanced African nation of Wakanda.
  • The Soundtrack Album: Rap superstar Kendrick Lamar hand-picked songs and artists for the Black Panther: The Album companion. It features current hitmakers riffing on the movie’s themes. Popular tracks include All the Stars with Kendrick and R&B singer SZA, plus Pray for Me teaming Kendrick with The Weeknd.

Both the score and Kendrick’s album drew praise for feeling interwoven with the movie’s tone and visuals. When it was revealed that SZA would be collaborating with Kendrick Lamar, what else would we expect other than brilliance? The artists perfectly met our expectations with the masterpiece ‘All the Stars.’ 

It is no secret that millions adore the movie Black Panther for its purpose, action, and story. However, one of the biggest contributors to the popularity of the movie is the soundtrack. It perfectly matches the story and the storytelling. From Kendrick’s lyrics to SZA’s vocals, everything is just perfect. You can even enjoy the single music video if you are in a hurry.  

Want More Movie Soundtracks?

One of the biggest reasons why films resonate with us is the movie theme. While over the years, iconic movie soundtracks have been adored by audiences around the world, the soundtracks we mentioned above remain in the hearts of millions. The list here is only a small sample of music that resonates with film fans from several top movies.

I’ll never forget Ghostbusters, in the previous movie news ‘GHOSTBUSTERS MOVIES: A FRANCHISE THAT KEEPS GOING‘ we mentioned that Ray Parker Jr’s theme tune was a number 1 hit on the USA’s Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Breaking Bad also came up with a popular song, although not part of the theme tune, the song Reuben and the Dark – Black Water was a hit and also Sharing The Night Together by Dr. Hook – Pleasure & Pain.

Courtesy of the official Original Soundtrack YT Channel

Do you have theme tunes from movies that you love and would like to share with us?

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