Are the Madame Web movie critics going too far with the bad reviews? We look at the movie and where critics have got it wrong before (Image courtesy of the Marvel Madame Web Movie Trailer).

Sony Pictures is known for its box office hit, but according to current reviews on its new Madame Web release the movie is scoring very low. It’s a surprise because there was so much for the movie premiere. However, let’s look at how dumb the World Wide Web can be!

The main point I think the movie is not getting great reviews is because it is not quite following the comic book. And as you can imagine, most people going to watch this movie are expecting a remake of the comic. Well, spoiler alert, that isn’t quite how this movie pans out.

Yet, can’t help but feel there is no excuse for this movie receiving the bad reviews it has had. In fact, I am surprised there isn’t more ‘girl power’ standing up for the movie. It seems like no one has their own mind anymore. In amongst the bad reviews, you will find quite a few moviegoers enjoyed Madame Web. My biggest gripe is, why do so many people follow the negatives?

The truth behinf the movie’s bad reviews: It’s early in the year, and the movie critics are just looking for a chic in the armor. In steps, Madame Web, a couple of bad reviews, and the influencers and movie rating sites follow like sheep (We call it ‘CLICK BAIT’) – watch the movie yourself. It actually isn’t as bad as the reviews make out!

Examples of where the movie review sites got it wrong!

Sometimes movies get mediocre or bad reviews from critics at first, but end up being super popular with everyday audiences as time goes by.

Hocus Pocus – it became a family favorite!

Hocus Pocus is a good example of this happening. When it first came out in 1993, critics thought it was lame and said boring things about it. But over the years, a lot of families have come to love watching it together around Halloween. Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy are hilarious as the witch sisters, and fans find the movie charming in a nostalgic way.

Wet Hot American Summer – a huge success in rewatches!

Another movie that critics didn’t get but has gained a big cult following is 2001’s Wet Hot American Summer. Even though it had funny actors like Amy Poehler and Bradley Cooper, critics thought it was stupid and not a good satire when it mocked summer camp movies. But today, fans can’t get enough of its wacky sense of humor and think the cast has awesome chemistry. The fan buzz even pushed Netflix to make a prequel and sequel series to it years later, which is crazy for a movie that originally got bad reviews.

What is the movie about?

Official Madame Web Movie Trailer from Sony Pictures Entertainment YT Channel!

The new Madame Web movie puts a spin on the comic book character. Dakota Johnson plays Cassandra ‘Cassie’ Webb, a young New York City paramedic. After an accident, Cassie gets psychic powers – she can see the future and stuff happening in the “spider world.” She’s not too thrilled about her new talents though.

Cassie has to use her visions to protect three young women – Julia, Anya, and Mattie. They could grow up to be the next generation of Spider-Women someday. Too bad there’s a creepy dude named Ezekiel Sims chasing after them. He used to work with Cassie’s mom way back, doing research on spiders. Now he’s convinced these girls are gonna cause his death someday. So he wants to capture them because of their spidery future.

This movie tells a totally new beginning story for Madame Web, nothing like the comics. There, she’s an old lady in a weird life-support web machine who helps out Spider-Man with her psychic powers. Here though, it’s a reluctant young Cassie learning the ropes with her visions, while trying to save her young friends from Sims’ clutches.

Are the reviews always right?

No. There is an ‘each-to-their-own’ approach I am coming from here. The main issue most reviewers do not seem to get their heads around is how much the movie diverges from the comic book. In the case of Madame Web, It is no excuse to rate it as low as it has been. It’s simply small-minded. The movie buffs who are self-proclaimed experts often get it wrong. Rotten Tomatoes might be one of the most well-known movie review sites out there, but personally, I enjoy their reviews. However, I don’t avoid movies because the reviews are bad.

Why you shouldn’t always listen to the reviews

Who can tell you what you like? OK. There are some real flops out there. Game of Thrones Season 8 – great production ruined by a terrible ending. Most series I enjoyed over my time include The Wire, Band of Brothers, Pacific, and Breaking Bad. I’ve watched these over and over again. Yet, I doubt I’ll ever watch Game of Thrones again because of all the characters built up in the series, I already know Season 8 comes to an anti-climatic end.

Yet – this is ‘my opinion’. OK, and thousands of others who enjoyed the series and were disappointed with the way it was killed off. On the other hand, I have friends who said it finished at the right time. The bottom line is, watch it for yourself and make your mind up yourself.

So you never know – even if snooty critics turn up their noses at comedies when they premiere, real audiences might end up loving them anyway. It might be next week, it could be later on. Critics aren’t always right! Movies can find their tribe over time.

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