FILMZIE TOP 5 SOCCER MOVIE PICKS – (Football for our UK readers)

Our list of the top 5 football movies wraps up – share your fave soccer films or tell us if we missed any must-see sports classics. (Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay)

Crazy about soccer flicks? You’re going to love this. We’re kicking things off with our top 5 soccer movie recommendations – because who doesn’t love an underdog tale or triumphant sports story? Therefore we’re giving you the Filmzie top 5 soccer movie picks.

Whether you’re a diehard football fan or just enjoy a solid storyline, these films deliver humor, struggle, victory, and a glimpse into why people go nuts over soccer. From European pub leagues to POW camp face-offs with Nazis, these movies run the pitch. We’ll chat about what makes each one a must-see in our book and let you decide if you agree. Grab some snacks and settle in as we reveal our personal faves – no penalty kicks required to have a good time, only an open mind. Game on!

Here we have chosen five of what we think are the best. Maybe you don’t agree. Let us know in the comments if you want to add your top football movies of all times.

When Saturday Comes (1996) Directed by Maria Glese

Set in Sheffield, Sean Bean plays Jimmy Muir, a brewery worker who is obsessed with football. Pete Postlethwaite plays Ken Jackson, the manager of a local non-league team, who spots Jimmy while playing for his local pub team and recognizes his talents. Jimmy puts every effort into his game and is picked for a Sheffield United trial. He can’t stop himself reverting to his hard-drinking ways and gets drunk celebrating on the eve of his trial. Being badly hung over at his appearance at Sheffield United does not go down well with the Sheffield Manager who is far from impressed. Can he recover from this and succeed in the opportunity he has been given in the game he adores?

There’s only one Jimmy Grimble (2000) Directed by John Hay

Jimmy Grimble, played by Lewis McKenzie, has always dreamed of a successful career playing the game he loves professionally. He longs for a happy life, settling down with a nice girl and being free from his days of being bullied at school. His goal in life is to win an apprenticeship with City and his team. Unfortunately Jimmy does not have the skills needed no matter how hard he tries. Then things start to turn around for Jimmy. His school team gives him a chance on the pitch and he scores a fantastic goal to the surprise of everyone. Could this be his life-changing moment and just maybe his dreams will begin to come true.

Goal! The dream begins (2005) Directed by Danny Cannon

An illegal immigrant, Santiago Munez, played by Kuno Becker, who lives in Los Angeles, has endured a tough life. He gains a passion for football and works hard to develop the necessary skills to maybe become a professional player in the future. A talent scout spots his skills and offers him the chance of heading to England for a trial with the great Newcastle United. Could this be a dream come true? He simply has to impress. Failure would result in a return to his tough former existence back in the US. This is a dream shared the world over by countless youngsters so can he make the grade where others have failed?

Bend it like Beckham (2002) Directed by Gurinder Chadha

Parminder Nagra portrays Jess Bhamra, an 18 year old Daughter of strict Indian parents, living in London. Jess loves to play football but her family restrict her chances to play the game she adores. While playing for fun with her friends one day, her talent is spotted by Jules Paxton, played by Keira Knightley. Jules tries everything she can and successfully convinces Jess to play for her own semi-professional team. Jess agrees but then has the problem of how to hide her games from her strict parents using a number of excuses, and at the same time coping with her amorous feelings for Joe, her football coach. How will she achieve this?

Victory (1981) Directed by John Huston

Football fan, Karl Von Steiner, played by Max Von Sydow, the head of a German prisoner of war camp, plans a match between the prisoners and a team of Nazi officers. The prisoners form a truly international team, captained by John Colby, played by Michael Caine, who used to play professionally in England before the war. Included in this team is Luis Fernandez from Trinidad, played by the one and only Pele. During their lengthy training sessions, Robert Hatch, Sylvester Stallone, decides to plan a daring and extremely dangerous mass escape from the POW camp. Will this succeed? Osvaldo Ardiles and Bobby Moore also make appearances in the movie.

The Final Whistle Blows on Our Soccer Movie All-Stars

And that’s it, folks! We gave you our top 5 fave soccer flicks that we think bring the beautiful game to life. Hopefully you agree some or all of these movies deserve the hype. If not, hit us up and share your own ultimate soccer movie lineup. There’s just something about the passion and drama behind the sport that makes for pretty epic storytelling – even if you’re not usually into sportsball. From nail-biting goals to emotional backstories, these films tug at the heartstrings and deliver the comedy, struggle, victory goods. What else can we say? We’re suckers for a solid underdog tale. Let us know which movie motivated you to lace up your cleats or at least cheer from the couch. Game over…for now!

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