5 top romantic comedies
5 top romantic comedies for lovebirds seeking laughs: When Harry Met Sally to Notting Hill, these 5 romcoms never fail to amuse. (Image courtesy of Wiphop Sathawirawong on Vecteezy)

Romance and laughter go hand-in-hand with romantic comedies. In this article, we’ll tell you about five funny romantic movies that are perfect for snuggling up with your sweetheart. From Meg Ryan’s hilarious awkwardness to Hugh Grant’s bumbling British appeal, these flicks feature some truly endearing onscreen couples. The plots range from a cute airport meet-up to a single dad looking for love on a radio talk show, but they all have plenty of LOL moments. Read on for our nostalgic overview of these feel-good films that will have you giggling like teenagers. So make some popcorn, curl up on the couch, and get ready to fall in love with these five classic romantic comedies all over again!

Romantic comedy movies have been around for decades but there are some that really stand out from the crowd, we have chosen five of the very best to describe here, we hope you agree.

When Harry Met Sally – 1989

Set in 1977, Harry, played by Billy Crystal, initially meets Sally, played by Meg Ryan, at the University of Chicago. Together they plan a visit to New York where they both want to begin their careers, and will share the driving. Sally plans a career in journalism and Harry seeks a future in the political arena. We are led to believe that both are extremely successful in their chosen careers as both are living in extremely plush apartments. The movie does not portray their professional lives but concentrates on the times they are actually together outside of their working lives.

Several years go by and they are both in relationships. However, Sally’s boyfriend decides to leave her and Harry’s wife decides to divorce him. The pair continue to meet until eventually they realise that they do actually have strong feelings for each other.

On their initial New York trip Harry suggested to Sally that the subject of sex always interferes with real friendships and the only way to avoid this, the film suggests, is to get married as married couples generally seem too tired for sex! Maybe an opinion that not everyone would agree with.

It took a total of twelve years for the pair to fall in love. A great story of the test of time with some fun on their journey.

Four Weddings and a Funeral – 1994

This British made romantic comedy movie made Hugh Grant a star playing the typical English upper class bumbling hapless but lovable character,

Charles. The script contains some great comedy lines allowing Hugh Grant to display his great comedy timing.

Charles and his friends appear unlucky in love. Until that is, Charles meets an American beauty at a wedding, Carrie, played very well by Andie MacDowell. Has his luck finally changed?

It seems maybe not. Following a very special night, Carrie returns to her home in America seemingly ending what might have been. She is already engaged to a rather overbearing older man, Hamish, but Carrie appears to be developing strong feelings for Charles.

The pair actually come across each other from time to time at various gatherings, namely four weddings and one funeral! Does this mean they were always meant to be together? Only time will tell.

Notting Hill – 1999

Another great appearance by Hugh Grant, playing William Thacker who owns a book shop in London. William is struggling financially and barely getting by. He even has to rent out part of his house to make ends meet.

William is divorced, but has a small group of friends, although these friends all appear to be as financially insecure as him. William feels that he has no prospects of finding love, until a well known American actress, Anna Scott, played by Julia Roberts, happens to walk into his store. An accidental spillage of orange juice somehow leads to a kiss.

 The pair grow closer over time, but there would appear to be no future in an actual relationship developing due to their totally different lives being worlds apart. Anna also is already in a relationship with a famous actor. It would seem that this is destined for failure. But is it? Can they overcome all these hurdles and make it work?

Sleepless in Seattle  -1993

Sam Baldwin, played by Tom Hanks, moves to Seattle with his eight year old Son, Jonah, played by Ross Malinger, following the death of his wife.

Jonah hates to see his insomniac Father mourning the premature loss of his wife and decides to take his own course of action to put the matter right. He contacts a late-night radio phone-in programme on Christmas Eve, with the intent to find a new wife for his Father. Christmas was always a very special time for the family. Although unwilling, Sam eventually gets on the line and pours his heart out to the listeners. A reporter in Baltimore, Annie Reed, played by Meg Ryan hears Sam describe his situation and somehow falls for him at that moment. Even though she is actually currently engaged to be married, her feelings for Sam seem to take over, unlikely as it may be.

Annie is determined to track down Sam and writes him a letter suggesting a meet at the Empire State Building on Saint Valentines Day. Can this seemingly unlikely relationship actually work or is it destined to fail or were they always meant to be together?

There’s something about Mary – 1998

This movie is stronger on the comedy but still contains more than its fair share of romance so we believe it is a good choice.

Following her appearance in the Mask, Cameron Diaz plays Mary, a beautiful young lady with many male admirers following her every move. As each admirer attempts to win Mary over, we are treated to endless hilarious situations.

Ted, played by Ben Stiller, has a date planned with Mary at the up and coming prom night. A rather embarrassing injury succumbed by Mary at her home causes the cancellation of the date.

Ted decides to track down Mary and recruits private eye Pat Healy, played by Matt Dillon to find her for him. Pat decides he would rather keep the bubbly Mary for himself and comes up with a string of lies to avoid Ted getting together with Mary. As you can imagine, hilarious situations arise from the web of lies which prevent the pair getting together.

Can Ted and Mary ever find true love?

Laugh Your Way to Love with These 5 Romcom Gems

We picked out five favorites that are sure to deliver the laughs and tugs at the heartstrings you need. These stories run the gamut – meet-cutes, slow burns, twisty turns to true love. But they all capture those giddy butterflies and triumphant happily-ever-afters we’re looking for in romcoms.

You’ll find over-the-top hilarity in some, quiet humor in others, and no doubt see a bit of yourself in these tales of fumbling fools finally getting it right. We could all use a dose of lighthearted romantic optimism these days, right? So grab your sweetie, get cozy, and let these five films lift your spirits. We promise you’ll laugh, maybe tear up, and definitely walk away feeling a little more hopeful about this whole love thing.

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