Apple TV Aprils 2024 Releases
Apple TV Releases in April 2024 include the Girl State documentary, The Big Door Prize movie. Plus, series Franklin, Loot S2, and Sugar S1. (Image by Yevhen Roshchyn on on Vecteezy)

Although we have a free movie streaming app, we never focus only on the movies and documentaries we offer on the Filmzie app. We like to give you the full picture by producing blogs and news that cover a wide range of options for all you movie buffs out there. That’s why in this latest news release, we examine Apple TV and some of the most anticipated releases coming up next month – April 2024.

We have chosen five Apple TV Releases in April 2024 and added trailers from Apple TV!

Girls State – 2024

This is a documentary that takes a look at how American Democracy would be like if it was run completely by teenage girls.

500 girls all from different backgrounds from Missouri gather together for a 7-day experiment whereby they build a complete government and even form a supreme court. The girls have to address all the usual issues that any government would do, and with these girls, one of the main issues is the laws relating to abortion, along with racial and gender issues.

It is a very interesting experiment to examine how this group of teenagers approach the management of a Country compared with how the current government handles the day-to-day business. A fascinating experience.

Franklin – Limited Series – 2024

Michael Douglas stars as Benjamin Franklin in this new drama series. With the American independence being in jeopardy, Franklin embarks on a top-secret mission to France in December of 1776. The series goes into great detail of what is truly the biggest gamble of Franklin’s career.

70 year old Franklin has no diplomatic experience at all, but he somehow manages to convince a monarchy to support America’s democratic experiment. His personal skills and personality he managed to outwit British spies, informers and various other hurdles and formed the France-American alliance along with a peace treaty with England. A skilled operator for sure.

The highly successful mission lasted eight years and was for certain the most outstanding achievement of Franklin’s lifetime, and some experts say, the greatest achievement ever in the history of America.

The Big Door Prize – 2023

Dusty, a high school history teacher played by Chris O’Dowd is celebrating his 40th birthday with his wife Cass and daughter Trina and has received a host of gifts, 4o in fact, one for each year. Dusty sets off to work on his brand new motor scooter. On his way he makes a stop at a general store where he finds a strange blue machine inside which wasn’t there before. How it appeared is a complete mystery. It transpires that it reads fingerprints. Once the fingerprints are fed into the machine along with a social security number, a printed blue card appears which reveals the owner’s future and full potential. The cards can be very unpleasant for example calling people liars or similar remarks, and not all are realistic predictions.

When Dusty send his fingerprints and details into the machine, the result causes him to doubt himself. Many of the residents begin to question many of their beliefs and some change jobs and relationships. One, a local Italian restaurant owner named Giorgio, is overjoyed at his result as the card names him a Superstar. The machine becomes the talk of the town and sets off many interesting stories.

Loot Season 2 – 2022

Loot is back for a second series, one year following the divorce of Molly Wells from extremely wealthy John Novak. Molly relishes her role as head of the Wells Foundation and immerses herself mainly in charity work rather than get involved with men again. The current male in her life is her assistant, Nicholas who remains loyally by her side. He provides all her needs including the odd gin laced smoothie.

The executive director of the Wells Foundation, Sofia Salinas, is a very efficient operator which changes when she meets Molly’s architect friend Isaac. Loot portrays many different relationships both in the workplace and in their private lives.

Molly tries to concentrate on her very public promise to give away her huge fortune she received from her divorce settlement. Does she succeed in this task?

Sugar Season 1 – 2024

Colin Farrell plays John Sugar, a private eye, who specializes in finding missing persons, usually on behalf of wealthy clients. Sugar is a very dapper chap who owns an array of Saville Row suits. He dislikes any form of violence, except when he is left with no choice in his business dealings. He also speaks a surprising number of languages, he is no fool.

His new case means he returns home to Los Angeles and his assistant, Ruby, who is concerned about Sugar’s mental and physical condition. Ruby tries to dissuade him from taking on what could be a difficult case. Sugar ignores all concerns and heads off to meet famous film producer Jonathan Siegel to accept the case.

Siegel’s granddaughter, Olivia, has gone missing. Olivia’s father, Bernie, is not concerned over her disappearance as she is a drug addict and has gone missing on several occasions previously. Not everyone shares this thought. Olivia’s half-brother, David, previously a child star, is too immersed in planning his comeback so doesn’t seem to care about Olivia but is only concerned about certain dark secrets from his past coming to light. He tries very hard to stop Sugar delving too deeply. Is he successful or does Sugar win the day?

More movie and documentary suggestions coming!

We have tons more movie suggestions coming your way. The Apple TV Releases in April 2024 is just one of the movie and documentary streaming channels we cover here at Filmzie. Netflix and Disney Plus are also on our radar. For free documentary streams, I recently published Stream Free Documentaries From Filmzie. Stay tuned for more movie and documentary suggestions, complete with official trailers.

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