This week, Dune has been trending on Netflix since the release of Dune Part Two. Take a look at 5 tending movies this week. (Image by Suriyawut Suriya on Vecteezy)

Once again, I am back with movie streams from some of the most popular paid streaming channels. This time, we are looking at Netflix! Every week the Top 10 trending movies change according to the Netflix algorithm. It’s quite simple. Netflix tracks the number of people on its platform watching a particular movie, and the algorithm displays them in its trending section. That gives us here at Filmzie some great insights for our movie content, and we get to review movies popularly watched by the masses.

Below are five movie picks that have been trending this week. Hopefully, these will spark your interest for a rewatch if you have already seen them, or maybe if you missed them in the big scree, get over to Netflix and start streaming!

Top Gun Maverick – 2022

Official Top Gun Maverick trailer from the Paramount Pictures YouTube Channel

‘Maverick’, real name Pete Mitchell, of course, played by Tom Cruise, has had 30 years of exemplary service as one of the top Navy fighter pilots.

Maverick has received many awards during his service being one of the bravest test pilots of all time. He is still in the role he loves and is tasked with the role of training a new team of future fighter pilots for an extremely dangerous, basically it could be called a suicide mission. Maverick has to overcome some personal challenges from his past in order to successfully complete his assignment. He has to push the rules to the limits, resulting in a very difficult relationship with a lieutenant who holds a grudge against him and causes some very difficult situations.

Can Maverick and his new recruits overcome all the issues that they come up against, and make a success of this extremely dangerous mission?

Dog – 2022

Official DOG trailer from the MGM Studios YouTube Channel

Channing Tatum stars as Army Ranger Briggs and also makes his debut as a director with this movie. The Dog is a Belgian Malinois named Lulu, whose Army Ranger handler, Riley Rodriguez, was killed.

The story describes their journey down the Pacific Coast in time to attend the funeral of Lulu’s handler, and as you can imagine, face many adventures on the way, even facing a near death situation. The pair drive each other crazy but both try their best to make the journey bearable. Briggs was also injured in the attack that killed Rodriguez, but has been cleared to return to duty, and sees this mission as the only way to prove he is fully fit and ready to get back to his role as Ranger. Just one example of their numerous escapades is when Briggs attempts to obtain free hotel accommodation during a stop-over on their road trip by pretending to be a blind war hero and his guide dog.

A truly great story of an unusual pairing that either works or goes terribly wrong. Which way do you think it goes?

Shirley – 2024

Official SHIRLEY trailer from the Netflix YouTube Channel

Shirley Jackson, played by Elizabeth Moss, is a skilled and well-known horror writer.

She prepares for another of her master works when a newly married couple, Fred and Rose, arrive which could be a distraction for Shirley and ruin her concentration on her new novel. This situation could also disrupt her own marriage to her cheating literary critic husband Stanley Hyman, played by Michael Stuhlbarg. When all these distractions actually do have an adverse effect on Shirley’s literary skills, she seems to concentrate on the character and nature of Rose with her trusting ways and this brings out some alternative literary skills from Shirley.

How will this play out? This one is definately worth a watch!

Lover Stalker Killer – 2024

Official Lover Stalker Killer trailer from the Netflix YouTube Channel

This movie is based on a very disturbing true story of a car mechanic, Dave Kroupa, who wants to try an online dating app for the first time with the hopes of meeting the woman of his dreams, and certainly not a woman of his nightmares!

Sam Hobkinson directed this movie. The movie title, Lover Stalker Killer, is a true description of the horrifying events that Dave experiences when he meets a woman who becomes romantically obsessed with him and he becomes embroiled in a very scary and dangerous love triangle.

The movie includes interviews with various individuals involved including police. This could be enough to put anyone off online dating for good.

Dune – 2021

Official Dune Part One trailer from the Warner Bros YouTube Channel

Dune Part Two came out this month in movie theatres as per one of my first movie blogs here on Filmzie under the section March 2024 Movie Releases. With the excitement revolving around Part Two, Dune Part One has been trending on Netflix.

A highly intelligent young man, Paul Atreides, had been born into a great family. His mission in life causes him to visit the most dangerous planet in the universe, Arrakis, a desert planet, to ensure the safe and long-term future of his family. This planet possesses the most rare and exclusive resource of the entire universe, a substance that enables travel between distant universes. He has to achieve this not only for his family but the entire population, and is forced to face terrible battles by dangerous forces intent on ensuring he does not achieve his desperate mission.

Will he successfully survive and win through?

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