Highest Earning Movies 2024 Q1
Which movies have been smashing the box office revenue charts in Q1 of 2024? Dune: Part Two, Kung Fu Panada, and more trailers plus reviews await! (Image courtesy of Chayakorn Mamuang on Vecteezy)

2024 has kicked off with a bang in movie theaters across the globe, and we already have a list of the highest earners so far. To keep you in the loop, I have created a top 10 list for the year. Plus, you get a sneak preview of the trailers for the top-earning movies as well as a short mini-review, minus spoilers, of course.

There are no surprises here. At least I don’t think it is a surprise. Most movie buffs expected last month’s release of Dune: Part 2 by Warner Bros to at least make a run at 2024’s highest earning box office revenue movie charts. Quite a way behind is Kung Fu Panda 4 by Universal Studios, and in third is Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire.

I was expecting Kung Fu Panada to become yet another high-rated animated movie but in all fairness, most movies in their fourth edition generally don’t perform well aside from a special few. Namely, Jurassic World and Avengers End Game. Both were the fourth in their franchise’s movie series. To add some more substance to how well a fourth edition movie can perform, all you need to do is look back to our Filmzie Top 10 Earning Movies of All Time list. Avengers End Game is the second biggest earner of all time, and Jurassic World is the 6th.

Just to add a personal opinion here, I still believe Back to the Future 4 would break all records. See how I highlighted that! I think everyone would be up for another Back to the Future!


  1. Dune: Part Two – $631,316,791
  2. Kung Fu Panda 4 – $364,442,324
  3. Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire – $218,095,385
  4. Bob Marley: One Love – $175,683,829
  5. The Beekeeper – $152,538,981    
  6. Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire – $114,963,665 
  7. Mean Girls – $104,404,248
  8. Madame Web – $97,723,158
  9. Argylle – $96,145,720
  10. Night Swim – $54,035,129

The revenues from 2024’s movies don’t come close to the top earning movies of all time where the top 10 list ends with Frozen earning $1.450 billion, and in pole position in the rankings is the 2009 release of Avatar, netting $2.9 billion.

There are still plenty more movies coming out over the course of the year. I think Gladiator II has a decent chance of breaking into the top 10. For now, take a look at 2024’s movie releases and see if you can spot a potential film for the top 10 list.

Fimzie Picks for 2024 Q1 Movie Releases

You may not agree with my top 3 picks for the year so far because we all have our own taste in movies. Yet, I’d like to share my favorites for 2024 to date and give you a short back story for each, so here goes. P.s. leave a commnet below to let me know which are your top 3 or even top 5 movies in 2024.

Dune: Part Two by Warner Bros (March 2024)

Dune: Part Two Trailer from the Warner Bros YouTube Channel

The saga continues in the battle for Spice, and now Paul Atreides has completely switched sides. We saw his unexpected transition as Part One came to an end. Although the way Part One unfolds, Paul’s decision to go against the spice traders is a fair one after his family was betrayed. There were also hints that there was something bigger out there that he needed to become a part of, and somehow, it turns out that those who were seen as his enemies at the beginning of Part One have become his friends. This comes via connection through a Fremen female.

In Part Two, Paul is now part of the indigenous people known as the Fremen, who have always inhabited the planet. They see the spice traders as trespassers on their lands. Unfortunately for the Fremen, their planet is the only place remaining in the universe where the precious spice mineral can be mined, and where there is a rarity, there are fortunes to be made. Invariably, this has led to greed and power struggles in the world of Dune, hence the original betrayal of Paul’s once influential family.

Whereas we began Part One by looking at the Fremen as an annoyance to the spice trader, Part Two takes us on a new journey, and most viewers will now be rooting against the spice traders. You have to love a twist in the tale. Now Paul is with the Freeman, and the powers gained from his mother’s connection with the Bene Gesserit have grown stronger. Soon, he will be ready to fight back with the few against the many that have overtaken the spice trade on the planet.

What will happen to Paul and the Freman? Will he take down the current spice traders, exact revenge on those who betrayed his family, and make them pay for their ignorance?

Kung Fu Panda 4 by Universal Studios (March 2024)

Kung Fu Panda 4 Trailer from the Universal Studios YouTube Channel

Another March release that hit the top of the box office charts for 2024! If you have kids, I am sure you have watched Kung Fu Panda’s first three movies. If you don’t have kids and still watch this movie, it’s good for you because it’s hilarious.

In the latest installment of the movie, the Kun Fu Panda who fans know as Po, has been told his time has come to become a spiritual leader, meaning he needs to hang up his fighting boots. The problem is, as likable as Po is, he has no idea how to transition into the new role expected of him. He’s not the smartest of Panada’s, but he knows how to make it count as the Dragon Warrior when it comes to luck and courage. Becoming a leader of the Valley of Peace is one step too far. There is a slight hitch, too. To prove himself, he needs to find and train a new Dragon Warrior. He’s literally clueless and doesn’t even know the first thing about spiritual leadership, let alone his cultural paleo diet. He was never one for following the rules despite delivering when it counts.

While he is searching for a new student, rumors are growing that trouble is on the horizon. A small lizard known in ancient legends as Chameleon. She is a dangerous adversary who can shape-shift into any other created, regardless of size. Worst still, Po has more problems because Chameleon has hatched a plan to snatch away Po’s Staff of Wisdom.

Does Po find a replacement he can train, and can he see danger coming and ward off the lurking danger of Chameleon? It is all pretty exciting stuff, with part 4 following its predecessors and continuing with its humorous animated screenplay.

What is Next For 2024?

For a review of some of the most anticipated movies in 2024, all you need to do is scour the Filmzie movie blog. However, let me make it easier for you! The 2024 FILM PREVIEW here on Filmzie lists some of the most interesting films on the horizon. This is not a complete list of movie releases for the year. Unfortunately, that would be a boring blog with a long list of movies. Yet, although we don’t include a full list on the main 2024 Film Preview blog, you will see plenty more movie reviews here on Filmzie. We’ll review up-and-coming movies for each month and niche movies like Romcom and Action films to look out for throughout 2024. Please keep coming back as we appreciate seeing the number of readers and views increasing as we release more content.

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