Another exciting month of movie releases is upon us, and in this Filmzie new episode, we look at 5 April 2024 movie theater releases. (Image courtesy of icetrayimages794410 on Vecteezy)

We have chosen five movies due to be released during April 2024, see if anything takes your fancy. If it does, then take a trip to the movie theater or add these films to your watchlist for when the movies hit Blueray or streaming channels online.

Keep reading because at the bottom of this April 2024 movie theater release overview there are a few bonus extras to look out for!

Someone Like You

Somone Like You Movie Trailer courtesy of the Karen Kingsbury Productions YT Channel

This movie stars Jake Allyn as young architect Dawson Gage. When Dawson was in high school he fell head over heels in love with London Quinn, played by Sarah Fisher. She warned him not to but nothing was going to stop him. Ten years goes by and the pair are still together but just as best friends. Dawson was the perfect gentleman throughout their friendship.

Disaster strikes when London Is involved in an accident when she is hit by a car and killed. A devastated Dawson sets off a seemingly impossible task as his final loving act for the love of his life when he decides to search for London’s twin sister, Andi Allen, also played by Sarah Fisher, who had been separated from London when they were embryos. Dawson is determined to track her down. When Andi discovers the truth that she was a twin she feels terribly let down by those she believed were her real biological parents.

The last thing Dawson expected was to fall in love once again. How will this relationship develop?

Monkey Man

Somone Like You Movie Trailer courtesy of the Universal Pictures YT Channel

Dev Patel stars in this movie as an unnamed fighter who is named as Kid in the credits. He earns a small amount of cash working in an underground fight club.

His trademark is that every night he fights while wearing a gorilla mask. He is regularly beaten badly night after night by better and more well-known fighters just in order to earn his meager cash from the sleazy promoter. He actually gets extra cash if he bleeds. He has seriously scarred hands from his many beatings, and he intends to use these hands to unleash years of trauma starting from his childhood against those that he considers have ruined his life.

This includes the chief of police. Patel plays the role extremely well and will anything be able to stop him from his ultimate aim?

The Beast

The Beast Movie Trailer courtesy of the Junus Films YT Channel

The Beast is set in the year 2044. Artificial Intelligence seems to be controlling everything and everyone enabling humans to erase their past feelings which would remove any broken hearts from previous romantic encounters. Gabrielle, played by Lee Seydoux is constantly falling in love with different incarnations of Louis, played by George MacKay. Louis is from the United Kingdom who meets Gabrielle and whisks her away from her uncaring husband who is a violent American and who is determined to deliver retribution.

Gabrielle is hoping that with AI she can fully engage with Louis. This has to happen otherwise they could be doomed to return to their previous lives and all that goes along with that.

An interesting concept which will make us think how the future generations will cope with Artificial Intelligence.

Back to Black

Back to Black Movie Trailer courtesy of the StudiocanalUK YT Channel

This movie is based on the life of Amy Winehouse, the singer/songwriter. Marisa Abela plays Amy. Amy is considered by many to be one of the biggest names in the music industry to originate in the UK.

Back to Black was the title of Amy’s second and final album released in 2006 and was based on her at times tumultuous relationship with her husband at the time, British musician Blake Fielder-Civil. It seems impossible that she only ever released two albums.

The movie follows her career from her early days in Camden, North London throughout her various struggles with alcohol and drugs. Considered by many to be a genius and a ground-breaking performer which took her to global fame.

Her untimely death at the age of 27 in 2011 came as a complete shock to her millions of fans.


Abigail Movie Trailer courtesy of the Universal Pictures YT Channel

Stephen Shields wrote this new horror movie with a supernatural theme. Abigail is the twelve-year old ballet dancing Daughter of a very powerful criminal figure. A gang of fairly amateur criminals are tasked with kidnapping Abigail and keeping watch over her through a night in an isolated mansion. The perfect scene for a horror movie. It sounds a simple task especially as the plan includes the collection of a fifty million-dollar ransom.

Things go terribly wrong for the gang when it transpires they are now locked in the scary mansion and Abigail is certainly not a normal twelve-year old girl, but is a bloodthirsty vampire. The gang members begin to dwindle as expected, but that’s the only spoiler I can reveal as I still haven’t watched this movie yet. Looking forward to sitting down with my vampire sweets from the penny sweet shop and chewing my way through this one!

Be prepared for some edge of your seat and scary scenes.

More Movies Hitting the Big Screen This Month

As per our 2024 FILM PREVIEW, these four movies are also coming out this April. There’s World War 2 action and more war movie action in Civil War, which captures the essence of the USA’s fight for freedom. Also, on the agenda is a blood thirsty vampire horror and some more light-hearted entertainment with a sports-based drama about tennis.

  • Civil War – Near-future US civil war thriller directed by Alex Garland.
  • Abigail – Kidnapped vampire ballerina thriller.
  • Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare – Henry Cavill in Guy Ritchie WWII action flick.
  • Challengers – Zendaya tennis drama.

Keep your eyes peeled because we’ll be releasing another blog just like this one covering movie releases next month in May 2024.

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