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We have chosen five romantic comedy series from a long list. Let us know what you think of our choices. Okay, so the Big Bang Theory isn’t the best example of a Romcom, but we thought, why not? There are five movies, mini-reviews, and trailers to get stuck into.

The Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory Trailer Courtesy of Warner Bros TV YoutTube channel

This series was set in Pasadena, California and describes the lives of a group of characters living in an apartment block. It ran for 12 seasons from 2007 through to 2019.

The main characters are two physicists, namely Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadler, share an apartment. They are both rather introverted and geeky. Their lives are about to change when a very attractive waitress, Penny, who aspires to be an actress, moves into an apartment opposite their own. Penny soon meets the two scientists and becomes a close friend. She shows them a new world outside their insular existence and what they have been missing by opening their minds. Now the group of friends includes an engineer, Howard and an astrophysicist called Raj and are later joined by Howard’s wife, Bernadette and Sheldon’s wife Amy.

Various other characters appear throughout the twelve years this series ran for and became a firm favourite across the world with some great humour and excellent acting and storylines.

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother Trailer Courtesy of 20th Century Home Ent YoutTube channel

This series ran for nine seasons between 2007 and 2014. The story is based on the life of a 27 year old father Ted Mosby, played by Josh Radnor and set when he was a single man and describes his various love interests during this time. Bob Saget plays the role of Ted 25 years later and tells the various stories to his two children, Luke and Penny. These stories are described in a series of flashbacks. The main aim of tales is to describe his life story through to the time he met their mother along with his four best friends.

Ted was an architect living in New York and was spending time with his friends including a couple, Marshall and Lily, Barney a playboy and a female news reporter named Robin. These characters play a big part in the stories. Lots of romantic situations occur including possible relationships between Robin and both of the single male friends. As expected there are many romantic and funny scenes as we see their journey through life.

Ted’s wife is not introduced until the eighth season.

Modern Family

Modern Family Trailer Courtesy of 20th Century Home Ent YoutTube channel

This series ran for eleven seasons from 2009 to 2020. Modern Family is based around the lives of three different families living in Los Angeles. These families are inter-related through Jay Pritchett, a rich businessman and his two children, Claire and Mitchell.

Many funny and romantic situations are portrayed in this series, Jay gets remarried to Gloria, a much younger lady from Colombia and together they have a son, Fulgencio. Gloria also has a son named Manuel from a previous marriage.

Clare used to be a stay at home lady but returned to business and became the head of her father’s company. Mitchell is a lawyer and is in a same-sex relationship with Cameron who used to be a music teacher. The couple eventually marry and adopt a Vietnamese girl named Lily and eventually adopt a second child Rexford.

As you can imagine, these various relationships bring many funny scenes and is well worth watching with all the romantic situations that occur.

New Girl

New Girl Trailer Courtesy of 20th Century Home Ent YoutTube channel

New Girl ran from 2011 to 2018 for seven seasons. Another series set in Los Angeles, it is based around Jessica Day who has gone through a tough break-up. She then moves in with three men and forms special bonds with her new-found roommates, Winston, Schmidt and Nick. All three have totally different characteristics. She has to re-adjust to her new single life and her new friendships help with this.

The group also includes Jessica’s best friend a model named Cece. A whole host of hilarious situations arise as we follow the lives and adventures this group find themselves in.

A very well written series containing more than its’ fair share of comedy and romance. The characters are played very well and will leave you with howls of laughter.

Bob Hearts Abishola

Bob Hearts Abishola Courtesy of Warner Bros. TV YoutTube channel

This series aired in 2019. It is centred around the main character Robert Wheeler played by Billy Gardell. Bob is a middle-aged American businessman living in Detroit. His mundane-sounding job is working in the family business specializing in compression-socks and supplying the medical industry. A successful and profitable business. Bob works with his widowed mother Dottie and his younger brother and sister, Douglas and Christina.

Bob succumbs to the stresses of his work and finds himself in hospital following a heart attack. During his recovery he is cared for by a cardiac nurse from Nigeria named Abishola. Her warm and caring ways eventually lead to Bob falling in love with her, although she seems to not have the same feelings for him. Undaunted Bob is determined to win her over even though they are from vastly differing backgrounds.

Will he manage to win her heart? Some hilarious situations arise.

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