This funny chicken is all set for a night at the movies with its 3D glasses and popcorn. Are you ready to get stuck into May 2024’s most anticipated series?

Five series to watch out for airing in May 2024 have been in the film industry newswires for the past few months. Now, they are on the brink of release. We examine the storylines of each series and give you an inside look via trailers from the production companies that created them.

Spoiler Alert: We are going to take a look at The Big Cigar, coming mid-month, and another Doctor Who series. Plus, a reality game show called The Goat has the attention of series buffs. We finish with Hacks and Love Under Cover.

The Big Cigar

A little disappointing to see Apple TV has no trailer for this one. For a company that is so professional, you would have thought they would give us an inside look, but no such luck, so instead we have a mini-review to give you glimpse to what its all about.

This limited series premieres May 17th. It is a true story based on the article written by Joshuah Bearman, who is also the executive producer of the series. The Big Cigar relates the amazing story of when Huey P. Newton, the founder and leader of Black Panther, attempts to escape from the FBI and avoid prosecution for murder and head to Cuba.

The plot seems to be straight out of Hollywood. Newton seeks the assistance of film producer Bert Schneider. It is an extremely complicated plan which includes the production of a fake movie. Somehow the plan goes terribly wrong in virtually every way possible.

There are many twists and turns during the escape and it seems far-fetched, and very hard to believe that it is a true story.

Doctor Who

The 2024 Doctor Who Trailer from the official BBC YouTube Channel

Doctor Who first aired way back in 1963 in the United Kingdom. This fourteenth series of the iconic British-made programme will air during May 2024.

Nouti Gatwa stars this time as the fifteenth Doctor. For those of you who do not know about Doctor Who, the Doctor is an alien time lord who is able to travel through time and galaxies in his old British police box called the Tardis. The Doctor’s new companion for this series is Ruby Sunday, played by Millie Gibson.

The first episode is called Space Babies and is set on a spaceship. Ruby sets out on her first adventure alongside the Doctor. Together they face a mysterious monster.

The series will follow the long list of adventures we have come to expect with the Doctor and his Tardis on a series of inter-galactic travels and exciting and dangerous encounters with the various monsters on the way.

The Goat

The Goat Trailer from the official Prime Video YouTube Channel

The Goat is a new reality game show. It features fourteen stars from various other reality shows that have aired over the past twenty five years. They compete with each other with the aim of being crowned the greatest reality show star ever. Big Brother and RuPaul’s Drag Race are just two of the shows that these contestants have appeared in previously.

The series is hosted by Daniel Tosh. The team will gather and live together in GOAT Manor. They will have to endure a series of challenges that will test their physical and mental states to their limits.

You need to follow this group and decide who you think deserves to win the crown.


HAcks Trailer from the official HBO YouTube Channel

Once again, there is no official trailer for the series release, but we have given you the official HBO series 1 trailer. Just in case you haven’t seen the first two series, the trailer might pique your interest!

Hacks is a comedy series centred around a legendary Las Vegas-based female stand-up comedian named Deborah Vance.

The main storyline revolves around Deborah and a young comedy writer named Ava, who is given the task of working with Deborah in an attempt to revive Deborah’s flagging career. Her act is, in some ways, very similar to that of Joan Rivers. It is fairly controversial, although apparently, the character is not actually based on anyone in particular. The two bond well together and help each other with their differing situations, Deborah’s career and Ava’s personal life.

The new third series sees Deborah in great spirits following a stand-up special that was a great success. Ava finds a new opportunity to pursue.

How will their lives turn out?

Love Undercover

No trailer to review for this series release, but as always, we are here to fill you in on the details with a mini-review. Don’t worry; we don’t give away any spoilers. We just give you the plot and what to expect.

This is a dating series with a difference. Five well-known soccer stars from differing backgrounds go in disguise in an attempt to find real true love from within a group of eighteen single American women.

The soccer stars need to come up with their own fake personas to cover up their true celebrity identities. The players believe that they will never find real love once their fame and fortune is discovered in any potential romantic situations. They all want someone who will love them and not just the trappings that come with their celebrity status.

There are numerous situations arising during the series as the women appear to believe that the five men are actually hiding something. Plenty of heartbreak and a lot of drama unfold.

Will this experiment work out? A fascinating series that will get you addicted.

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