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Here, we update some of the current stories from the movie world and hit the headlines. We’re not sure how some will take the news of O.J. Simpson’s passing.

It isn’t all doom and gloom (depending on which side of the fence you are on with that one); we also have Jim Carter giving us the inside scoop on a new release. Plus, news just came out that an F1 superstar racer was offered a role in the Top Gun Maverick movie, which grossed over $1.4 billion globally. And Leonardo DiCaprio must be bored out of his mind as he’s getting into politics. Maybe he has his reasons, but a surprise one from our point of view!

Tune in for our five top stories covered here on Fimzie!

O.J. Simpson dies

O.J. Simpson passed away from prostate cancer on April 10th, 2024. We are sure everyone knows the headlines Simpson has made over the years.

His full name was Orenthal James Simpson, born July 9th, 1947, in San Francisco. His early career was as a football player, during which he excelled and was regarded by many as one of the greatest players ever. He spent most of his football career playing for the Buffalo Bills team. He retired from football in 1979 while playing for the San Francisco 49ers. He then pursued a career in acting, although he already had a few roles while playing football. He appeared in a number of movies and soon became a household name mainly because of his role opposite Leslie Nielsen in the Naked Gun movies playing Detective Nordberg.

Simpson married Nicole Brown in 1985, and they had two children. Following a lot of alleged abuse by Simpson, he was eventually arrested in 1992, and Brown filed for divorce. Brown accused Simpson of threatening her life if she dated another man after their divorce. She became close friends with waiter Ron Goldman.

Brown and Goldman were gunned down outside her home then everything changed for Simpson when he was arrested for their murder but was controversially acquitted. Many believe that he was guilty and Simpsons life was changed forever.

Actor Jim Carter tells of new Downton Abbey Movie

Jim Carter tells us that the cast has gathered to begin filming the third and last film in the popular franchise, which will commence in May 2024.

Jim plays Carson, the butler. The television series aired from 2010 through 2015. Two movies followed, and there were many rumours that there would be a third, and now it is happening. Set where the second movie left off, this is set in the 1920s. According to Jim, the writers are still finalizing the script, but all the usual favourite characters will be back for one last time.

Downton Abbey surprised the cast when it became a huge hit in America. It apparently was Michelle Obama’s favourite programme.

For those who are not familiar with the series and movies, it is set in a fictional country estate named Downton Abbey. It follows the lives of the Crawleys, an aristocratic family and their team of loyal servants. It describes how the family and staff handled the events at the time and the lifestyles of the post-Edwardian era in England.

A very well written and acted television series which very successfully crossed over into the cinema.

Top Gun Maverick Actor grateful to F1 star Lewis Hamilton

Apparently, Lewis Hamilton was offered a role in the Tom Cruise movie Top Gun Maverick. He was forced to turn down the role in 2018 due to his commitment to winning the F1 championship. Danny Ramirez was then offered the role of Fatboy in the movie, and he immediately accepted it. The role was played by a US Navy pilot named Mickey Garcia, nicknamed Fatboy.

As well as being extremely busy with Formula 1 back in 2018, Hamilton was very unsure about accepting the offer as he readily admits he has never even had one acting lesson and would not want to have let Tom Cruise and the rest of the cast down with his less than suitable acting skills. Looking back on it, he recalls when he had to say no to the star Tom Cruise and Director Joe Kosinski, saying that it broke his heart to turn down the opportunity.

That decision was very much appreciated by Danny Ramirez.

Leonardo DiCaprio supports Scottish Conservationists

The Hollywood star has shared his views with his 62.1 million Instagram followers, stating that he would like to see Scotland at the forefront of a rewilding programme. The plan by an alliance of more than twenty conservation groups will be more than pleased by the actor’s support and the increase in public awareness it will bring. The Scottish Government is being urged to work on nature recovery for around one-third of the land and sea.

Much of the land in Southern Scotland has been devastated, in part, by sheep grazing, which they call sheep-wrecked. These areas were previously covered with healthy woodland, scrub, and heath. Let us hope that the publicity brought by the Oscar-winning actor persuades the Government to take action.

It is unclear as to why he has taken an interest in this project but it certainly won’t do the cause any harm.

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