Stream Free Documentaries From Filmzie

Stream Free Documentaries From Filmzie

You know how some films just grab you and pull you into their stories? That’s what the best documentaries do. They take real life topics, issues, people and events and bring them to the screen in compelling ways. Whether it’s an intricate examination of human behavior, the wonders of nature, unknown history or advances in tech and science, documentaries shine a spotlight so we can understand our world better.

Here at Filmzie, we have a library of more than 100+. You can use the app or stream free documentaries from Filmzie via the mobile app or through your web browser on your desktop or mobile device. Find out the life story of Nelson Mandela or watch how Angelina Jolie turned from a bad girl to a good girl. What about seeing how people think the world will end or watching alien abduction stories? It’s all here, and it’s all free to stream!

These aren’t just factual data dumps. Talented filmmakers craft their docs to challenge what we think we know, spark our curiosity and get our minds turning. And often, they hope to inspire helpful action, too. For doc fans like us, we know how these films can completely change how we see people, cultures, our environment and even our own human potential.

Each compelling documentary is a chance to walk in someone else’s shoes, gain insights and see things from new angles. By getting us to view life through different lenses, they help widen our perspectives. So if you’re open to it, they likely have lots to teach. Documentaries bring real stories to life in thoughtful ways that inform, captivate and enlighten.

What real life topic will you explore next? Here are five suggestions for you and trailers from the official Filmzie YouTube channel.

Endgame 2050

Filmzie Endgame 2050 Trailer

We all know climate change and other environmental dangers are real threats. But a powerful new doc named Endgame 2050 takes these abstract issues and makes them impossible to ignore. By showing what happens if we don’t change course by 2050, this eye-opening film will jolt you into action.

Through interviews with experts and vivid depictions of potential futures, director Sofia Pineda Ochoa connects the dots between the various ways we damage the planet. From fossil fuels to plastic pollution to unsustainable farming and population growth, she shows how it’s all combining to destabilize that delicate balance sustaining life.

It’s the creepy speculative scenes conveying chilling visions of flooded cities, infertile lands and societal collapse that make the threats facing us feel real and urgent. Showing imagined future outcomes drives home that we’re rapidly approaching, as the title says, endgame.

The goal isn’t just freaking you out though. The doc also explores the hopeful solutions that could still turn things around. But it’s clear transformational changes are needed on a global scale, like yesterday. Endgame 2050 makes an effective case that averting environmental devastation needs to be priority number one for our leaders and for all of humanity, now and for decades to come. Let’s spread the word and make the vision of a sustainable future reality instead of the dire alternatives. Who’s ready to join this most crucial fight?

Engame 2050 free stream on Filmzie

Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains and the Future of the Internet (Cryptocurrency)

Filmzie Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains and the Future of the Internet Trailer

This documentary dives into the world of Bitcoin, blockchains, and how they might change the internet as we know it. I know this stuff can seem complicated, but the film does a nice job breaking it down so regular folks like us can understand what the hype is about.

Through talks with developers and industry leaders, we learn the backstory of how cryptocurrencies and blockchain work and, most importantly, what it might mean for the future. They chat about the potential here—how blockchains could disrupt healthcare, banking, and government operations. But they also keep it real about challenges still needing solutions around privacy and energy use.

I liked that they didn’t just focus on Bitcoin but explored ways blockchain could help all kinds of industries. They also featured diverse views—both techno-optimists and skeptical voices—on whether decentralization is the panacea some claim. It’s a balanced look at revolutionary yet still unproven abilities.

Cryptopia Stream free Stream on Filmzie

Travis: The True Story of Travis Walton (Alien Abduction)

Filmzie Travis: The True Story of Travis Walton Trailer

You’ve probably heard bits and pieces about Travis Walton before. But the new documentary Travis: The True Tale really dives into the weird events from that 1975 Arizona logging trip.

So get this – Walton and his crew are finishing up a day’s work when suddenly a spacecraft swoops down! Walton says some aliens then scooped him up for five whole days of crazy experiments and stuff before finally returning him to Earth. Wild, right?

In Travis: The True Tale, director Jennifer Stein revisits Walton’s story with fresh interviews. We get to hear first-hand accounts from Walton himself, the loggers there that day, the cops who searched for him, and even some UFO experts.

The documentary doesn’t just take Walton’s word for everything either. It takes a balanced look at the evidence – like lie detector tests and police reports – while also being real about the skepticism many had. Some helpful things this documentary examines are:

  • What really happened in that forest?
  • Are aliens actually out there?
  • How should we make sense of Walton’s bizarre claims?

So if you’re into aliens, unexplained events, or just a good mystery, check out Travis: The True Tale. It presents lots of perspectives on this infamous case so you can decide what you believe. We have to admit, even now, some of Walton’s story still seems pretty unbelievable! But it sure does make you wonder…

Free Travis: The True Story of Travis Walton Stream

The People’s Girls (Confronting Sexual Harassment in Egypt)

Filmzie The People’s Girls Trailer

This documentary gives you an up-close look at the constant sexual harassment women face in Egypt. Through firsthand stories and raw on-the-ground clips, the film lets you hear from women struggling with the unwanted advances, catcalls, and assault they deal with just walking down the street.

We get to see how dismissing this as no big deal allows the harassment of women to continue. The film shows you how it takes away their freedom and dignity when they don’t feel safe in public. You’ll also see the gutsy activism of groups seeking to raise awareness and say enough is enough. These women are resilient, but no one should have to endure this stuff just for being female.

The documentary spotlights women courageously fighting back, even when it’s risky. We see how they are creating initiatives to make public spaces in Egypt safer for women. Ultimately, this film sparks a conversation that’s long overdue. It makes you want to stand up and do something about the inequality women still face. We’re left inspired by the women leading the uphill climb for change.

Free The People’s Girls Documentary Stream

Netflix vs. the World (How a Little DVD Rental Company Took Over Entertainment)

Filmzie Netflix vs. the World Trailer

You’ve probably heard how Netflix started out renting DVDs by mail. Hard to believe, but in just a couple decades this small startup totally reinvented television and movies.

In a new documentary “Netflix vs. the World,” we learn how some smart strategic moves allowed Netflix to crush video rental giant Blockbuster. The company figured out streaming video was the future and made an all-in bet.

Through insider interviews, we get the inside scoop on how Netflix execs like Reed Hastings built a data-driven culture focused on keeping customers happy. This laser focus on great tech and customer service fueled rapid growth.

Now, we have to ask – is Netflix’s rise changing entertainment too much? The doc examines concerns about how Netflix is challenging old school studios and TV networks as it pumps billions into binge-worthy original hits.

Overall, “Netflix vs. the World” offers an eye-opening look inside a company that shows how fast digital disruption can turn an entire industry upside down. You’ll learn a ton about how tech innovation presents both huge opportunities and also threats to traditional entertainment biz models.

So is the Netflix story just getting started? Tune into this doc for insights on where this streaming giant might be heading next!

Free Filmzie Netflix vs. the World Stream

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