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The Filmzie app gives you free movies to stream via your mobile or simply go to the main Filmzie streaming page via your web browser. Like Netflix and other paid streaming channels, we also have a ‘TRENDING NOW’ section. Here, you will find documentaries and movies popularly watched by the Filmzie community right now. Below, I have picked five movies from our trending now section and added trailers so you can get a feel for some of the most popular movies on our movie site right now.

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Maybe Shower – 2018

Video courtesy of the Greenless Studios YouTube Channel!

Three women, Ash, Shannon, and Wendy, all believe they are pregnant as their regular monthly cycles are late.

They support each other through this anxious time, and their friendship grows. They decide to invite all their friends and relatives, along with the possible fathers-to-be, to a ‘Maybe Shower’ party. The idea for this movie came about when the writer/director and his wife were in a store and came across an obnoxious and rude child, so he decided to make a movie about near-misses when parenting.

Watch how the possible parents-to-be cope with their feelings and what to do next. How does it all pan out?

Heidi – 2014

The trailer is courtesy of the Filmzie YouTube Channel!

Two friends, Ryan, played by Samuel Brian, and Jack, played by Joey Bell, are YouTube movie makers who spend their time filming themselves performing various antics. Both are likable gentlemen, but after what follows a seemingly innocent discovery, I’m glad I don’t know these two guys because this is one spooky story!

The pair come across a mysterious doll in the attic. Soon after they make the discovery it seems to set off a series of strange and concerning events for the pair of high school boys. They quickly work out when things start to get weird after they find the doll, so they discard what viewers will come to know as Heidi in the trash in the hope that normality returns to their lives. Yet the creepy doll is back in its place straight away. They throw out the doll multiple times, but scarily, every time they do, somehow, the doll mysteriously returns. The doll seems possessed and to have a life of its own. This is a 93-minute film that concentrates on the strange events surrounding Heidi.

How does it compare with several other previous creepy doll movies? See what you think.

Ink – 2009

The trailer is courtesy of the Filmzie YouTube Channel!

Chris Kelly plays John Sullivan, a businessman estranged from his young daughter Emma following the death of her mother, which leaves John devastated and unable to take care of Emma.

Two forces from another dimension appear and battle each other in order to control people’s dreams. The Storytellers who make our dreams good and the Incubi whose aim is to turn the good dreams into nightmares. The Drifters are yet another force along with the Pathfinders. The Drifters are wandering lost souls and the Pathfinders are blind beings who are able to manipulate life itself.

Emma is living with her grandparents and has her soul kidnapped by a Drifter known as Ink. She slips into a coma. The plan by Ink is to offer her soul to the Incubi as a way to allow him to join with them. A storyteller named Liev offers herself as an additional hostage so that she can care for Emma and maybe take her place to allow Emma to return to her former life. Liev’s colleagues employ Jacob, a Pathfinder, to try to change everything and return Emma’s father to his former self so that he can care for his sick daughter.

A complicated fantasy story. How will it turn out?

Callous – 2011

The trailer is courtesy of the Filmzie YouTube Channel!

Neil has lost 500,000 dollars in a failed corporate investment scheme. He joins forces with Joe and together they can recover this debt.

During their mission they accidentally kill one person who was responsible for this huge loss. They then set their eyes on his partner, Victor who is now struggling financially but has to find the money. Victor’s friend, Will, an assistant district attorney, decides to lend his assistance. When a cloak and dagger meet is set up, with the usual instruction of “just bring the money alone”, Will hides in the car. It all turns nasty when it transpires that the full amount is not there.

The film includes some violence when the meeting goes wrong but a lot of confusion follows as to who the real victim is here. See how it turns out.

5 Shells – 2012

The trailer is courtesy of the Filmzie YouTube Channel!

The movie is set in a time following an apocalyptic financial disaster. Two sisters, Matti and Joslyn, are left alone after they witness the murder of their parents when an intruder breaks into their home. There are five shotgun cartridges next to their father’s body, which the two girls quickly collect and then search for and find a shotgun in the loft.

After the meltdown and the death of their parents, Matti and Joslyn set off to find a new home. They decide the best course of action is to go in search of their grandmother’s house. Along the way, they cross paths with two random drifters, Frank and Santon. Joslyn takes a liking to Frank, and he seems to be a friendly chap. Although Matti seems unsure and feels wary of him, despite her reservations, they decide to join forces and continue their journey as a group. It seems like a reasonable decision as Frank also came in useful because he owns a van. Perfect to assist his his newfound friends with their mission. However, things take a turn for the worse when Matti’s instincts about Frank are indeed right as he begins to show his true colors.

The two girls join Santon, steal the van from Frank, set off across the desert, and try to stay one step ahead of Frank.

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