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We have chosen five movies for the free Filmzie app, which launched in April 2024. See if you agree with our choices. We have trailers and a variety of movie genres on the agenda for this month’s Fimzie new movie reviews, And as always, you can expect trailers with each of them so you can get a preview of the movie’s plot, quality, and acting.

If you are already a member of paid streaming channels, that’s great. We are all movie buffs here, and the more movies, the merrier. Also, free movie streaming channels are perfect to add to your collection, so if you have not already signed up, try adding Fimzie’s free streaming channel. Can’t say no to free movies, and the site is fully licensed.

Robot World – 2015

Robot World is a low-budget science fiction story that shows that millions of dollars aren’t always necessary. It premiered in Russia in 2017 and is now available on Filmzie.

It is set in a time when all the resources on planet Earth are running out, and an alternative is needed. A new planet must be discovered that is fit for humans.

Captain James, played by Ian Rowe, is a shuttle pilot sent on a lone mission to find a suitable planet to sustain intelligent life. His spaceship breaks down, and he is forced to crash-land. At first, the planet seems suitable but appears to be empty. He discovers life, but it is not what he expected. He finds a population of robots programmed to target any other life forms that arrive on their planet.

How is this all going to turn out? A well-made movie, considering the budget.

Take Me Out – 2018

This is the story of an upper-class black family living in Chicago. Although the film is based on basketball, it covers all the normal stories the average family goes through, including infidelity and teenage rivalry.

Teenager Nicholas Dupree suffers from his possessive father, who puts a lot of unwanted pressure on him. He also has a difficult relationship with his brother Ricky. He must find a way out of this situation. His mother, Carol, attempts to solve the various issues and, knowing that Nicholas likes sports, introduces him to an old family friend, Mr. Johnson, who used to be a professional baseball player. Nicholas believes he has now found a way out of his troubled life.

This is more than just a movie about sports; it is a very well-written movie about the struggles that will affect the lives of any average family and how people can find their true goal in life and move on if they are determined to do so.

Dirty Love – 2005

A romantic comedy made in 2005. It was written by and starred Jenny McCarthy. The director was her husband at the time, John Mallory Asher.

Jenny plays struggling photographer Rebecca Summers. Her life is suddenly in ruins when she finds her boyfriend, Richard, in bed with another woman. Her mind is in turmoil, and she doesn’t know whether to take revenge on Richard, take on numerous lovers, or totally give up love and stay single. She has two friends, Michelle and Carrie, who have attempted to set up dates for her to try and help.

She has some strange encounters along the way. On one occasion, she takes a movie director to a fashion show to make Richard jealous, but he ends up being sick over her breasts. She decides to spend time with someone who really cares for her, and that person is John, an effeminate long-term friend who has supported her through her difficulties.

There are some very funny scenes, as you can imagine. Worth watching.

Broken People – 2023

Two complete strangers, Brett, played by Harley Jennings, and Jake, played by Nicholas Scott, meet in a bar. Jake, who is single, is anticipating some bad news from his doctor. Brett also has her own issues, and the two begin to chat and spend time together, drowning their sorrows and chatting about anything and everything, their past and potential future.

Jake is a writer who suffers from writers’ block and struggles with his work because of health concerns. A trip to a bar seems attractive. He didn’t expect to meet another lonely person and spend a fateful night.

Some enjoyable cello music is included at the start and end. We won’t spoil the ending; it will either be sweet and touching or could it go badly?

The Girl Behind the Door – 2021

A young lady, Sylvie is alone in a room behind a closed door. She fears crossing that threshold of her door. She is deep in her thoughts and fears. She worries about all the ‘what ifs’ in her past life. It all changes soon when many various visitors arrive at her door. Some visitors want to ensure she remains isolated in her room, while others want to try and tempt her into the outside world.

One visitor Sylvie recognizes from a dream she had. This is a kind man named Jesus. He wants to help Sylvie and teaches Sylvie many truths.

This great story is well worth watching and won’t be forgotten easily.

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